Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Motoreta, the spanish minimalistic children's brand that keeps on making the most incredible minimalistic designs and somehow manage to give it all a classic and beautiful twist. This dress cfrom the Motoreta AW15 collection captured me immediately due to the amazing pockets and the hood: if you knew me when I was in my late teens - adulthood, you'll know I am a MAD hood fan! I used to have a rule that if a jacket or coat didn't have a hood, I didn't want it. Ok, so now I have grown up a tiny bit and will dress accordingly most days, but I still adore a good hood. Oh yes, it has to be a good one. It needs to be round, not triangular on the top, and it needs to fall perfectly as to frame a face in a way that compliments the person wearing it. Miss W looks amazing in this piece that is totally giving the mod vibe mixed with a star wars or Mr Nobody sci-fi simplicity.  The fabric is light and the craftsmanship impeccable. Myminime is an Australian online store that stocks beautiful brands like Motoreta, Wolf and Rita, Mini Rodini, Mini Dressing and more. Definitely the place to go for mothers who are looking for a classic but contemporary look for their children. 

We matched this gorgeous dress with Bobo Choses AW15 cloud tights and Tip Toey Joey sandals 
(these sandals are like all Tip Toey joey footwear, incredibly light and soft!) 

I hope you enjoy Miss W and mine adventures at the rockpools. So many baby fish and spiders and lunch in a cave... such a wonderful little outing!! 

Take care friends
/// Karianne 

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I had the pleasure of getting to meet some very talented and lovely designers at Playtime NYC earlier this summer.
 I was instantly drawn into the world of OMAMIMINI for ss16 which is completely  AMAZING (maybe a sneak peek soon) But we are heading into cooler weather and need some of these lush faux fur pieces to keep the stylish minis in your life warm and looking fab!

Think cozy cottons, bang on trend dip dye pieces, asymmetrical hemlines, baggy leather trousers, fur cuffs, and swinging jackets. So good!
Many of the styles are totally unisex.... I would consider the furry jacket for P a la Lenny Kravitz or in the Kayne West vein  strolling somewhere in SoHo looking FLY!! You know we would!

Omamimini is the creation of two amazing women Ola Omami and Natasha Mileshina who share a love for modern simplicity, art and design. Their fifth collection has a casual luxe feel, and is challenging the notion that smart quality and stylish clothing are not only meant for 'special occasion' wear. I believe that wholeheartedly.... really at the core of me! P dresses for his personality and not necessarily for the event. Childhood is a time for fun and uncensored self expression. LET THEM BE YOUNG!!

You can shop this Collection at some these fab online shops here and here

Hope you all are doing wonderful!

Much love from NY

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Friday, 18 September 2015


ECO toys in da house! And not just any old eco toys but ROCK AND PEBBLE, the sustainable toy company that came from the amazing and creative Mr Printables ((mrprintables.com)) A revolution in imaginary and creative play mixed with natural and inspirational design. This right here, is TOP NOTCH eco toys! And we absolutely adore the little pebble dudes (A little 'reservoir dogs' inspired we named them Mr Orange, Mr Pink, Mr Yellow etc)  Miss W was beyond thrilled to receive this gorgeous pear house that comes flat-packed and slots together like 1-2-3 so easy that she did it herself! But, get this, it sticks together quite neatly: I thought "Uh-Oh this is going to fall apart all day eeer day" but it doesn't. It has not come apart one single time, and it has been lifted and carried in all kinds of ways all through the house. It's like magic. Only better! it's REAL! The Pear house comes with 5 natural pebble dudes and then we got an extra pack of the colourful ones. They come with a lot of different colours and your pebbles can have a real fashion show if you'd like. This goes into the list of our FAVOURITE toys, and the label to search in the how / where / when tab at the top of my blog, will be ((ECO TOYS)) and we will try to stay on top of all the sustainable, smart, inspirational, creative toys around. This set, along with Miss W's gorgeous Bobo Choses Landscape princess dress, came from Baby Go green! The eco friendly super store in TX, USA!  Our Teepee is also ECO from Rainbows and Clover and the beautiful little rainbow cushion is from Kawaiian Lion. The woolen blanket is knitted by me with kindly sourced and eco dyed sheepwool from South America, and the little woolen felt bunnies are handmade in Nepal supporting them and their villages (from eco toys

How beautiful is that? To know your child is playing with toys that are safe and non-toxic and that also leave a minimal footprint on our planet, has been kept far away from child-labour and unethical production and is in often cases supporting a village or community in places where people have often been exploited or are financially struggling. Yes. that is truly beautiful. People are amazing! Gosh I have to say, my work gives me such a renewed faith in the human race: we are good! 

Speaking fo sustainability and ethical production, 
if you haven't seen "The true cost" yet, you definitely should. 
See here:: THE TRUE COST

Happy weekend dear friends
/// Karianne  

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