Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Peeeeps! How are you diggin' that giveaway?? I cannot believe how amazing and generous my friends are!! If you missed it, check ((here))  for a chance to enter! Fingers crosses and best of luck! Gosh, it sure feels good to be back into blogging again. I can't believe how run down we got from that flu. It's been a month and a half of feeling tired and yucky, but we are finally mended and slowly getting back to normal again, which, as always, includes amazing adventures in the great outdoors and skating and beaching. Summer is on it's way over here in Australia, so we dressed up top- to -toe in the new season MUNSTER KIDS SS15 and set out on a rock climbing/ skate parking adventure. We traveled down to Bouddi national forest and found a little beach called Killcare that we decided to climb and explore. It's a fabulous beach and it is definitely a place we will need to explore again sometime soon. The rocks to the left of the beach are both intimidating and beautiful and as it was a low tide we carefully explored and climbed around. (I will suggest that you look into wether and conditions before doing this as it is always danger involved in rock climbing with kids so use caution and look at your own skill levels) After about an hour or so of climbing on and crawling under, even puzzling the rocks, we headed back to the car and drove over to UMINA skatepark. Fantastic play park and cool little skatepark. The beach is lovely too, really a great spot to take your kids on a weekend or if you are driving through the central coast in need of a pit stop and a play. 
The kids fell asleep the minute we got into the car after a long day of exploring and playing. 
Indeed a fabulous day! 

MUNSTER KIDS SS15  you can see more of ((here)): For Miss W we went for the the mini munster SURF SIDE CREW jumper and JUNGLE PANT, and for Mr C we went for the MARBLES CREW jumper and our favourite pants CRUZ 2.  We simply love this brand. It was my first ever love for children's fashion. Mr C has been wearing their pieces since 2011 and we have some amazing pieces from long long ago. If you don't know this friendly made brand from Australia, here is your chance! Find past features of ours:: ((here)) 

I hope you enjoy our little NSW rock and skate adventure! 
(if you want to see more from NSW please see ((here))
have a wonderful week

/// Karianne 

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