Monday, 31 August 2015


NUNUNU is the masters of soft cotton! They are also the masters of making statement pieces, loungewear edition, that looks so good it can be worn a n y w e a r (see what I did there?) but what 
A L W A Y S get me with NUNUNU is their super cool flare. Like the cape (a little further down!) And the ninja inspired pants and masked jumper (below) I love how their typo is BOLD and BLACK and I love that the statements are always tough. BE WARE! One could say a bit badass! LOVE it! Its just really cool when kids can seem a bit pissed of.. When beautiful children has a bit of an attitude! To see more of NUNUNU from previous seasons, ((here)) This seasons collection brings back the biker jacket in both jacket and jumpsuit style, trades in + for O and pushes the edge a little bit further with the outerwear this season! My favourite NUNUNU collection yet!!!

I hope you enjoy, I truly adore this campaign: 
And I just love seeing these gorgeous models grow up from season to season!!

/// Karianne

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Thursday, 27 August 2015


YEEEWHAAA! You better believe we got ourselves a horse to hang out with for the first part of our Bobo Choses the unknown mountain journey aw15 adventure. Ironically, the horses live in a valley so our mountain journey wasn't really all that mountainy in the beginning, but happy kids on a pony, well, that is truly all that mattered. (Had they just been happy to share the poor horse it would have been even smoother!! What was I thinking when hiring 1 horse for 2 kids. Mamafail!!!)
I must say though, that the more I explore NSW (The state New South Wales in Australia, for those of you who are not from this corner of the world) the more I fall in love with this place. So much beauty here my loves, truly, I only wish I drove so I could explore with the kids on the weekdays as well!
We had a good hour or so with the horse before we cuddled him bye bye and vent to visit my little darlings best friend, where we ate yummy cakes and cuddled their new puppy and got fabulous directions for a new adventure: and off we went to find our mountain/forest. It turned out the be the best adventure we have had in a while. We drove and drove, took the ferry over Berowra waters, drove and drove, took a turn here and a turn there and I kept telling myself that there is something around the next corner. No, the next. Not this but definitely the next... and suddenly, there was! we found Fagan Park, which is an absolutely stunning park in the outskirts of Hornsby, wow so so lucky to find this place! (to see more of our Fagan park adventures, see (( Here )) 
We had a lovely time exploring bushland, japanese gardens, and enjoying the sunset before we played in the magnificent play park d ended our day with gf pizzas in a small italian restaurant in an Australian small town. Bliss. 

The kids wore top- to- toe outfits from one of Australia's very best children's wear store Buckets and Spades. Miss W wore Bobo Choses faux fur coat, Bobo Choses triangle jumper as a dress, Bobo Choses cloud tights.  And Mr C wore Bobo Choses horse knit, Munster Kids Cruz 2 pants and Bobo Choses beanie

It was just such a spectacular winters day: I hope you enjoy our little mountain/valley adventure. 
feel free to check out previous Bobo seasons and adventures ((Here)) 
/// Karianne 

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Shoes Mr C: MAA Hyogo aw14
Miss W: Adidas aw12


Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Peeeeps! How are you diggin' that giveaway?? I cannot believe how amazing and generous my friends are!! If you missed it, check ((here))  for a chance to enter! Fingers crosses and best of luck! Gosh, it sure feels good to be back into blogging again. I can't believe how run down we got from that flu. It's been a month and a half of feeling tired and yucky, but we are finally mended and slowly getting back to normal again, which, as always, includes amazing adventures in the great outdoors and skating and beaching. Summer is on it's way over here in Australia, so we dressed up top- to -toe in the new season MUNSTER KIDS SS15 and set out on a rock climbing/ skate parking adventure. We traveled down to Bouddi national forest and found a little beach called Killcare that we decided to climb and explore. It's a fabulous beach and it is definitely a place we will need to explore again sometime soon. The rocks to the left of the beach are both intimidating and beautiful and as it was a low tide we carefully explored and climbed around. (I will suggest that you look into wether and conditions before doing this as it is always danger involved in rock climbing with kids so use caution and look at your own skill levels) After about an hour or so of climbing on and crawling under, even puzzling the rocks, we headed back to the car and drove over to UMINA skatepark. Fantastic play park and cool little skatepark. The beach is lovely too, really a great spot to take your kids on a weekend or if you are driving through the central coast in need of a pit stop and a play. 
The kids fell asleep the minute we got into the car after a long day of exploring and playing. 
Indeed a fabulous day! 

MUNSTER KIDS SS15  you can see more of ((here)): For Miss W we went for the the mini munster SURF SIDE CREW jumper and JUNGLE PANT, and for Mr C we went for the MARBLES CREW jumper and our favourite pants CRUZ 2.  We simply love this brand. It was my first ever love for children's fashion. Mr C has been wearing their pieces since 2011 and we have some amazing pieces from long long ago. If you don't know this friendly made brand from Australia, here is your chance! Find past features of ours:: ((here)) 

I hope you enjoy our little NSW rock and skate adventure! 
(if you want to see more from NSW please see ((here))
have a wonderful week

/// Karianne 

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