Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hello my dear friends.
 Me and my dude have been busy trying to sort out life with school out and mommy having to work most days. All is not lost though as when we do get to hang together we are having a blast finding fun places to make photos and being wild and a little crazy!

So excited to share this uber creative brand with you as these pieces truly speak to P's bold brazen nature. I love it when a brand is all tongue and cheek and allows for full freedom of expression!  He has no fears when it comes to his fashion and really doesn't worry about what others think! He wears what he likes and that is that!

The Egg Tee and Peter Pants are so perfect and were an instant hit with P! He has already worn this outfit several times and he loves wearing the hood up! ( How cool is this hood though!)
Cavalier is the imaginative brainchild of Angela Chong and her Partner Perry Lam who dared to make a line that is sparked by a child's imagination and desire to have clothing that speaks the language that children speak..... and that's just pure FUN!
I say Yes and Yes!! I want it all in big people sizes( and think that may be in the works soon)  and wished I had a little girl because that What Saucery skirt is so amaze!
P loves to wear accessories and was thrilled to try the new seasons Sons+Daughters sunnies and Akid brand Birdie shoes.

Its all so fabulous and I'd say Mr.P is a very lucky Chap indeed.
Hope you all are well in the world,  and as always much love from upstate NY,

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Clothing :: Cavalier Vault
Sunnies :: Sons+Daughters Eyewear
Shoes :: Akid Brand

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