Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hello my dear friends.
 Me and my dude have been busy trying to sort out life with school out and mommy having to work most days. All is not lost though as when we do get to hang together we are having a blast finding fun places to make photos and being wild and a little crazy!

So excited to share this uber creative brand with you as these pieces truly speak to P's bold brazen nature. I love it when a brand is all tongue and cheek and allows for full freedom of expression!  He has no fears when it comes to his fashion and really doesn't worry about what others think! He wears what he likes and that is that!

The Egg Tee and Peter Pants are so perfect and were an instant hit with P! He has already worn this outfit several times and he loves wearing the hood up! ( How cool is this hood though!)
Cavalier is the imaginative brainchild of Angela Chong and her Partner Perry Lam who dared to make a line that is sparked by a child's imagination and desire to have clothing that speaks the language that children speak..... and that's just pure FUN!
I say Yes and Yes!! I want it all in big people sizes( and think that may be in the works soon)  and wished I had a little girl because that What Saucery skirt is so amaze!
P loves to wear accessories and was thrilled to try the new seasons Sons+Daughters sunnies and Akid brand Birdie shoes.

Its all so fabulous and I'd say Mr.P is a very lucky Chap indeed.
Hope you all are well in the world,  and as always much love from upstate NY,

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Clothing :: Cavalier Vault
Sunnies :: Sons+Daughters Eyewear
Shoes :: Akid Brand

Monday, 15 June 2015


Hi friends. How have you been?
I hope you have been wonderful and that life is smiling to you. 
I have been wanting to do this for a while, but never found the headspace to start something new, but I thought I'd give this a go now. 
There is just so many things we love so I figured I'd start a monthly :: WHAT WE DIG** :: where I'll share our favourite finds for the month. As always the colour yellow, in really any shape or form or tone, from neon to mustard, is a favourite. It has and always will be my favourite colour so it is always central in our wardrobe and spaces. 

As an AVID Simpson's fan, I am beyond stoked to see Elevenparis making room for Bart, Bartman and Homer in their last collection for kids. We are also dig Star Wars in this house so the ADIDAS Star Wars kicks was a definite must for both the kids! (Yep. for the first time ever, they have the SAME shoes and they totally got a kick out of that (although I truly was expecting them both to revolt!!)   

This months top finds include the Little ElevenParis Bart tee, and both kids have been rocking the ADIDAS Star Wars Hi Top ten shoes (the sole glows in the dark like a light sabre, how cool is that?!!)
Munster kids ochre coloured track pants are all time favourite trackies ever and available at our good friends at Buckets and spades! We also love Linda Farrows / Jeremy Scott collaboration mickey sunglasses but since my kids are VERY rough with everything, we didn't invest in the real deal this time. (But you can find the real deal HERE)
The tie dye mint/blue munster tee is beyond fabulous and a clear favourite with Mr C. We love the BRITE one day pastel hair colours, which come out after a wash or so (depending on how good that wash is. If your kids are like mine then you'll see it might take a couple of washes, but I kinda like that faded look!) 
Miss W's I dig denim Madison skinny jeans are fabulous both in washed blue and black, and she practically live in these super soft jeans. These are available at Studio Bandit. The same with their I dig denim shirt, truly a season staple : Miss W also cannot get enough of her SONS + DAUGHTERS sunglasses happy pink and XO white. Be it sunshine or overcast, even raining, she will be wearing her sunglasses. Even inside most days.
They both adore headwear so on their heads you can find Fallen Broken Street kidsNani hatsLittle ElevenParis caps and Prjona Plym beanies this month. And as socks goes:: Mini Dressing is it! 

I hope you find some treasures to love, and I hope you enjoy SALE season. 
Tips on great sales follow below. 

** Everything mentioned has links so if you want to check out something further, please press the name and it shall take you right there. 

Also, June is MID SEASON SALE season and you should check out the AMAZING sales our friends have going on:: You can get some of our favourite pieces and brands at 25-50% off! 




Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hi lovely peeps! how have you been?
It has been what seems like forever, colds and flu's, work etc etc has just kept us on our tippy toes (by us i mean me!) but maaan do I have adventures to share with you.

I have the pleasure of working with amazing brands and stores, and this time I had the joy of doing a shoot and styling for Studio Bandit, which is an uber cool store packed with the best of the best in children's fashion: I dig denim, Finger in the nose, Loud Apparel, Zef, Just Bo to mention a few. I cannot tell you how much in love I am with the kids outfits in this shoot! The Zef blouse miss W is wearing is so soft and has become our favourite for this season! It loos like denim but if the softest thin cotton. These black madison skinny jeans from i dig denim are so soft and super stretchy, they sit so perfectly on her little legs, just adore this look! Mr C's FITN bomber is just beyond. I love the softness and coolness this jacket brings to the table. Paired with the freshest denims and that tee, he looks just as cool as he feel. (Yeah!)

I just had to take this shoot to a next level of cool so what better way than to embrace and join 3 of my biggest passions: My family, fashion and graffiti.
I LOVE graffiti and it was this love that back in the day lead me to my art studies. I would read molotov cocktail and Fat Cap magazine and google graffiti and trains every chance I had: I had folders full of prints for inspiration. I spent every single free hour drawing letters and working on my shapes and colours. It was in this time I began skateboarding too. I was simply mesmerised by street and hip hop culture. The colours and the coolness just spoke to me and inspired me to grow creatively. This love began when I was 11 and has just kept on growing ever since. I don't do much art on my own at all anymore, it seems to have been put a bit in the past as I spend my days playing and skating, creating with glitter glue and beads, teaching and learning, running and climbing and generally, just being a momma, but my heart will forever adore the streets, the walls and the arts.

On two different occasions around my munster kids shoot in Newtown (See here) I was suggested to check out the dunlop/slazenger warehouse in Alexandria / Sydney. Little did we know that this warehouse had been sold and is now under construction, and any entrance is highly illegal :: sad as this spot has been used in countless music videos and movie scenes and is famous for its amazing walls, light, mood and worn down coolness: The light in there is just beyond. I HAD to get in.
Random bits of good luck, lead to us being allowed in to shoot: and we had a fantastic adventure for about an hour before we were chased out by a very very pissed off dude (who was the owner and the person who gave us permission was not at liberty to do so. How could we have known? Aaaaanyways) We left with smiles on our faces and some amazing pictures. Probably the last shoot to be done in this amazing spot. Thank goodness we got in!

I hope you will enjoy this little illegal adventure /  for the awesome STUDIO BANDIT
Trust me friends, this is a store you want to visit! Follow Geraldine and her store here @studiobandit

/// Karianne

Mr C wears:

Miss W wears:
and a satin bow

all from the fabulous ///