Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Living by the coast never felt as good as during sunrise and sunset. There is just something magical about the way the sun reflects of the beautiful ocean. Every morning I get to see the sun rise over the ocean from our bedroom windows. The pink/orange light colour our walls and faces. Its a lovely way to wake up. We fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves. (Took me forever to get used to. Now wonder if I can ever live without) 
We have only lived here for 6 months but we truly do love it here. Coastal living for us is pretty much summed up with a few words: Beach. Rocks. Skateboarding. Swim. Climb. Esplanade. Play.
We don't do much more. The kids don't have kindy or childcare so we are just out and about doing our thing in our local area all week long. Some might think that would get boring, but it doesn't. Doing things you love with people you love, just never gets old. This is what life is supposed to be: Born free to roam. Free from stress. We don't even go grocery shopping: ever! Ah Australia, you sure make it easy to live a slow and wonderful life. 

Down the street from us, a little to the right, you find Terrigal Haven. Its about 30 min walk(15 min skate) away: and you can find the coolest rock formations and the most stunning sunsets. I love coming there to shoot, and have a few projects to share from Haven soon: This day I decked the kids in I dig denim, swedish denim for the minis and women: and by far the best denim there is! ADORE! 
And this year they added Trento denim shirt to their list and the love affair is complete: made from highly durable denim: sits like perfection itself.
I also threw on the kids their new Fallen Broken Street hats: The dingo and the slipway. Mr C immediately decided he loved both and kept taking Miss W's hat until she just gave up and let him have the two hats. He sure do look good in them both! And she sure is a patient little sweetheart.
(The slipway is hers, if you wondered)

Then the sun set and the whole sky turned orange and it was time to head back home as the hightide was coming in. When we reached the beach the sun was already gone and the light was pink. Such a beautiful light. Such a wonderful little outing in our neighbourhood.

Hope you enjoy.
Take care
/// Karianne

Mr C is wearing

Miss W is wearing 



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