Wednesday, 20 May 2015


The amazing Natalie Bassingthwaighte has gone all the way and created a brand worthy of all the little princes and princesses. Chi Khi is such a beautiful brand, I have fallen head over heels with so many of the pieces from their first collection. The softness level is off the charts: sustainable bamboo and beautiful cotton blends makes for a super soft, highly durable and strong fabric. The quilted sweater is just unbelievable. I have washed it so many times already and it is still perfect in colour and softness: The slouchy pants are just as soft. The knits are beautiful and the little details all make for a fabulous first collection. The campaign was shot by the uber talented @pics_missmaya and is nothing short of perfection. And, better yet, Chi khi now offers gift baskets with amazing baby threads that you just simply must check out. 

I dressed Miss W in her pieces as we went out on a chilly evening to catch the sunset by the rock pool. This slouchy pant is really perfect for australian winters: Its thick enough to keep them warm but not so thick it makes them sweat. The inside of the quilted jumper is just like on the outside: So your kid gets the awesome softness both inside and outside. 
The rock pool in our neighbourhood is a fabulous place to go to play on natures own play equipment: climb and balance, slide and jump. And then the skies go pink and it is time to go home and tuck the little ones to bed.  

I hope you enjoy the Chi Khi collection. I know we do.

/// Karianne

Miss W wears Chi Khi 
And all black cons from Tiny Style. 


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