Wednesday, 29 April 2015

POPUPSHOP MEETS OCRA MEETS MOI // SS15 AT APPLE-BABY there they are, after the storm, playing with their sweet friend Sugar and skating without a worry in the world...

I hope you have all been well. It has been so long.
We have been without internet for 3 days and its still a bit of an on-and-off kinda thing but luckily we didn't loose our power at all during the recent storms that swept across NSW! Many of our friends has been without electricity for 4-5 days. 
As soon as the storm settled down, we were out there, where we belong, on the esplanade. Skating and playing and climbing and running. Life is pretty good over here, even when it storms at its worst. We are incredibly lucky. Internet and electricity is one thing: at least most of us still have our homes intact and can go back to normal again. 

It was so nice to follow the fam-bam around with my own camera this weekend: and the weather was finally perfect for a bit of an autumn shoot. Mr C goes so fast he makes fire, he says, and Miss W is not afraid of falling because she has wings. Ah bless. Ocra you truly make the most magnificent shoes. So cool, durable, comfortable, soft and the leather smell is so so good! 
Mr C was born in the year of the tiger, and therefor this hoodie from popupshop was not a tough choice! He actually jumped with joy when he saw this beauty. My son knows to appreciate amazing clothes! Not only is he the most grateful child, but every single thing he wears he ask me who made it for him and he appreciate the thought behind. He truly is one of a kind. Miss W loves the beautiful earth and she looks so so sweet in her popupshop earth dress and Moi birdie hoodie. (Note that MOI runs very small!)
Mr C's amazing cobalt blue wool scarf, is knitted on a loom by a homeless (by choice) Australian gentleman who also happen to sell his amazing scarves on ToothsLoom Truly, these little treasures are worth every penny. 

Moi, Popupshop and Ocra available from and right now you get 25% off all OCRA kicks!  
Stay safe in the crazy weather around the globe. 

/// Karianne 

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