Thursday, 16 April 2015


If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I really love MAÁ shoes. I cannot brag enough about them to be honest: you can see previous posts HERE :: Which includes some shoots we have done as well. MAÁ makes super fun and cute high quality shoes: hand made in their family factory in Alicante/Spain, just like the sister company Manuela de Juan. 
MAÁ shoes are made in the softest most durable leather and are so detailed and incredible that they can take your breath away! There was never made cuter sneakers! We adore the ones we are so lucky to have and we wear them so much. They work well for play, run, climbing, skateboarding and jumping. They also make the most fabulous boots and their range is up to size 41, so you can be twinning with your minis. Yay! If you ever look for unique and high quality kicks for your kids (or yourself)  I say look no further: Ethically handmade in Spain with love and care, Ill say NOTHING beats a pair of MAÁ Shoes.

I hope you enjoy /// Karianne 

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