Monday, 20 April 2015


Oh it has been so quiet from this end as of late. Always something to do and some pleace to go and someone to meet for a playdate. Life in this house is all about the kids: They come first. Always. I have been wanting to share this piece for what seems like forever, but finally I had the time to sit down and write to you about one of our true favourite labels:: 
When it comes to children's labels, not many are as bold and brave as LOUD apparel: The contrasty, often monochrome colour schemes, bold prints and fun little figures is enough to fit its name, but the real treat, is ALWAYS in the designs and cuts. They never take any shortcuts on the design front. The detailing is incredible and the passion behind the designs shines through when you feel the finished results. The shirt and skirt Miss W is wearing in this little mini shoot is impeccable. The skirt takes the price: The ruffles layer so perfectly and the thick cotton is so so perfect for this little piece. This season you get caps, socks, towels, shorts, tees and drop crotch pants to mention a few: all high quality statement pieces. 
Loud apparel is haute couture for children. And to take the amazingness of this brand even further, the brand has turned 100% organic as well. This ethical and organic brand from London is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the world of children's fashion and as they begin to appear in shops and stores all over the world, I tell you, the future is bright so watch this space closely.

Miss W is not a very girly girl, but she LOVED wearing these pieces and she had so much fun playing with her brothers collection of bugs. Yes. Real bugs. Dead bugs, but none the less, real.
Little girls rock. And this one, ooooh she truly truly does.

I hope you enjoy and that you are having a wonderful start to your week. 

Peace out. /// Karianne 

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  1. So perfect this outfit!! She looks so so Amazing!! xxx