Friday, 10 April 2015


Hello dear ones,

Picture the scene.... I have picked P up from the sitters and we are on our way home. He says "hey mom lets go on an adventure"! Its Friday and personally I can not think of a better way to end a long busy week of work/school and begin Spring Break with a Bang!

With that spirit in mind we had the opportunity to test out this super Fun fantastic hood sweatshirt from Bang Bang Copenhagen. Mr.P has worn a few of this lines baggy trousers in seasons past and have always loved the fun quirky prints and appliques .

Think the best in imaginative play clothing for your littles. Stripes, bat wings , and lovely colorful origami triangles adorn their cozy cotton pieces. I love when a clothing line speaks the language that children can relate to. We finished the look with some of the best sneakers for children. I adore Maa shoes and P was running circles around me and saying that he was fast as a rocket!

We headed out for a scooter ride and a romp around town before heading home for the evening. I'd say this kid is heading for a fun filled spring vacation indeed!

Hope you all are enjoying your Spring and spending time with the ones you love.

Peace and love always from Upstate NY,

P Wears:: Bang Bang Copenhagen Hoodie, Sons+Daughters Sunnies, Maa Sneakers
All From our Friends at
Baggy Trousers:: BoBo Choses 

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