Monday, 6 April 2015


The future is ours kids is a recent obsession of mine. I saw the jumper called PIONUS and I fell head over heels with this wonderful and fresh brand. I looked through their lookbook with such joy and excitement and I just knew my little dude needed every single piece ever made. (Ok, so we don't have every single piece they ever made but I picked out a select few to share with you.)

When the jumpers arrived, the first thing I could think was "OMG they are e v e n better in person" And they truly are! They don't just look amazing, they are silky soft: A kind of cotton I have never felt before. Id compare the threads used like a mix of normal cotton and that shiny type embroidery thread (for those who can get that?) : it has a bit of a sheen to it, just a smidge, but its there, and the quality and print is just breathtaking. The prints have this softness that just adds to the perfection. I so wish I could hand out a jumper to you just so you could try for your self. But, what I can tell you is that this brand will go places! I'm expecting to see some pretty fabulous and famous kids wearing this brand in the near future because it caters to a market that is pretty small at this point: This is for the skaterkids. The urban dudes (and dudettes!) the curious and fascinated... I am beyond thrilled to be sharing this brand with you.
In fact I have created a label named "SKATE" just to feature skate related stuff. You are welcome.

Please go to their instagram and show them some much earned love @thefutureisourskids
Im sure you will love their coming collections just as much as this one!!

Enjoy /// Karianne

To purchase or for enquiries,
Please visit

In addition to TFO jumpers:
Mr C is wearing pants in nude and blue. shoes
Converse shoes. Mini Rodini socks, DUH cap from Mini and Maximus
Skate XS sustainable bamboo skateboard


Miss W is wearing:
Yellow/white bobo choses skirt form
Caroline Bosmans cardigan singlet black skirt
Emile et Ida beige skirt w neon spots from
Mini Rodini cap
ADIDAS Nizza shoes.


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