Saturday, 7 March 2015


It is evenings like these that makes me sing the good old Coldplay song, "we live in a beautiful world" we truly truly do. There is just so much beauty in this world that everything said in American beauty about heart bursts, is true. And this is one of those moments to me. My child. My wild. My moon and my sun. All I feel is love. 
Bandit kids and Mr C are a match made in heaven, and the amazing SS15 seemed to inspire some creativity during the full moon: He took to painting the sky. With sand. Or at least thats how I saw him. He had so much fun/ And when the moon arose from the water in bright red: it was incredible! (You can see it a little bit on the second to last image. I have a very old camera and a really bad lens so I couldn't capture its magnitude and beauty. Sadly. I could have cried! Being there: then! With my good camera and not being able to capture it clearly was a bit sad: and that goes for all these images Im sorry: twilight and old cameras just doesn't work that well Im afraid! But we make do. And a new camera and lens is on my list... we shall get there :) 

Bandit kids SS15 has a slightly softer colour scheme than before: its beige, light brown, light blue, lilac and pretty simple prints that capture you instantly. /the trackies Mr C is wearing here are so soft and will definitely be worn a lot this autumn and winter. Loving the parrot print so much!
Did you know Bandit kids was the peeps who lead me to starting this little blog of mine? They have supported us since the get go, and by the get go I mean since my food blogging days. Word! 
I love this brand: The family and love behind it: the impeccable quality and the unique prints. 
We are Bandit kids. Nuff Said. 

Hope you enjoy this little dude's rendezvous with la luna


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