Friday, 6 March 2015


nosweet is back! SS15 is called SO SWEET and it was my exact thoughts when I fist saw the collection myself. Beautiful summery colour schemes and as always in the highest quality organic cotton. This time some new and exciting dresses and shorts make their way into the collection and there you have it: Summer is near!
This polish brand has definitely made a name for themselves in the worlds of children's fashion, and are known to use elements from nature to make their prints: This time around it is my personal favourite insect (next to the dragonfly and beetles): The bee! I love bees! They are incredible little workers and they are the reason our world is so abundant and colourful! And they make honey! (If you don't know how important bee's are to our world, and if you are one of those who say you h a t e bees, well, then you should see a bee documentary. Or google them. They are so fuzzy and cute) Also along this season is the world most adored fruit: The watermelon.
The watermelon print is on a black background which I think makes it a very cool print. Not too much a fan of watermelons on white background: But this:: Now were talking!

nosweet is also one of the brands who repost images to their instagram page, so if you want to follow them, you can find them @nosweetkids and enjoy all those amazing pictures <3

I hope you enjoy//


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