Monday, 9 March 2015


As organic children's wear goes, Nico Nico is high up on the must have list and seems to be the brand I personally always return too. I see many brands have seasons of amazing and seasons of not-so-amazing but Nico Nico stays true to themselves and therefor don't really have any seasons that are not amazing! If you don't understand a piece they make, then I suggest you buy that one piece, for it will surely become your favourite piece of all. Im not saying this to lure you into buying something you don't really love from the get go: But I have had the immense pleasure of this happening to myself several times and it never fails: Also, you cant go wrong with Nico Nico. Its just the mood of the clothes that always fit their intended season, and brings back a bit of originality as their colour schemes are not always as you might associate with that season in particular. They always surprise with some unexpected patterns, prints or colour combinations, and this makes Nico Nico NEVER dull;. This seasons "Game on!" is inspired by gym class, the track and the tropics. If you want to know and see more go HERE for some previous posts of mine. 
And I truly hope you get to enjoy some of your favourite pieces before they are all gone...

Ps: Nico Nico has launched a MAMA line as well!
How fabulous is that??

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