Monday, 2 March 2015


All the little friends of nature unite: Neve / Hawk are here with their SS15 collection and it is beyond perfection! I am so excited to be working with this amazing brand this season, and you will definitely see some of these key pieces again sometime very soon. The stripe jacket! The jump suit! The dresses!!! Aaaaah I tell you sometimes (not very often though. But sometimes) I just wish I was a millionaire and could buy every piece of a collection, and this is one of those collections: completely sold! I think Miss W will look so amazing in this style: She is such a little fairy princess with her messy hair and curly locks, I truly cannot wait.  
I love the exciting cuts and fabrics, and I adore braveness and creativity so this collection is so up our alley. You cannot go wrong with any of these pieces. Hand dyed in the backyard of Kris and Bob and made in the USA (Partly in LA and San Francisco) this label does not only inspire creativity through their amazing collections, but they also FIGHT FOR CREATIVITY where they give back a part of each sale to keeping the arts in public schools. You can read more about that HERE::
This family run business has just completely captured my heart: I love everything about their brand and family: Kris, Bob, Neve and Shepard Hawk. A true tribute to family, love, art and creativity.

Keep it up you guys! If there is anyone I wish a freshlypickedmoccs type success: It is you! 
...and I so totally see that happening!

I think the world is ready! Go grab it <3 

xxx Karianne  

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