Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Happy Sunny Day :: Featuring Caroline Bosmans and Bobo Choses

Hello Dear Friends, It has been a very long and cold winter indeed!! Really how many days can one

deal with the icy cold snow!

We are certainly rejoicing the Sunshine and warmer temperatures these past few days! Mr.P and I

had an most excellent  weekend going out and having a chill frolic in the hood which included a cafe

lunch and Lolly- pops!

Mr.P for the first time in many moons was able to be outside without full on snow gear and try our

lovely new outfit including this BEYOND cool sweat top from CB no less!!

Its incredibly soft and full of fun whimsy. P calls it his silly faces top!

We paired it with the ultra cozy BoBo Choses harem style trousers and his Bellerose convertible

jacket! Ace outfit combo if I do say so myself!

He was very proud walking around town my little P, as everyone wants to stop and talk about what a

stylish dude he is!! He is quite the personality! I am mostly happy that he is able to have freedom of

movement with his clothing to be able to jump around like the wild child that he is :)

Hope you enjoy our little around the hood Adventure! Springtime is Coming!

Much Love to you all!

MR.P Wears:: CB faces jumper
Bellerose Convertible vest/Jacket :: Stadtlandkind
Bobo Choses petite monster trousers :: Stadtlandkind
Bobby Sunnies :: Sons + daughters

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