Sunday, 15 March 2015


Suddenly this little pearl of a dropbox landed in my inbox and I loved it: so here is to making new friends and finding new amazing brands :: 

Bandikoot kids wear is fresh, fun filled & unique. Based in beautiful Byron Bay where hipster surf culture meets the gypsy bohemian tribes, they are striving to encapsulate the freedom of coastal lifestyle, which is the inspiration when designing a collection. Bandikoot is well known for their small runs of  retro shorts made from eclectic up-cycled vintage fabrics and have a strong focus on making BandiKoot as environmentally sustainable as possible. All screen printing, along with garment and graphic design is done in-house. Manufacturing is done in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Where they work closely with two small family owned and operated production houses. 
Get to know Bandikoot through their instagram: @bandikoot_byronbay

I hope you enjoy /// Karianne 

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