Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Sunny Day In UPstate NY :: Featuring Agatha Cub and I dig Denim

Hello Dear friends,

Winter has been hanging around for far too long, and I think its safe to say that most of the Northern Hemisphere is ready for a reprieve.....

 PLEASE dear Mother Nature I respect you and I am at your feet begging for mercy!

We have been overjoyed with the slight change in temperatures and most happy about the Sun coming out of hiding. Me and Mr.P were so glad to run about in our neighbourhood and give our new threads from Agatha Cub a try.

We are huge fans of this fantastic line, the ethics behind the brand are just as important as the clothing itself. Bianca's vision for sustainability shines through in her designs as she desires to create clothing that are organic, fun and modern all at the same time. I completely love when fashion and function come together in the way that Agatha Cub's clothing does. Her collections immediately strike a chord with me as a mom who wants to dress her child consciously. What I mean by that really is that I want Princeton to feel like he can have full self expression in his garments and I am able to feel good about the impact that we are having on the world around us. My wee one like all children are full of life and wonder and all that he is I want him to be able to express in his every day world.
Tall order I admit, but our children are well worth it.... right!

I asked the lovely creator of Agatha Cub, (lady B is what I call her) to tell us a bit about her vision for her company and her textile printing,

She had this to share;

" I am a big supporter of a fabric that comes from earth and can be returned to the earth. It's a big reason why we choose organic and natural fabrics, like our organic cotton, or recycled wood pulp (aka Tencel) . Since the beginning it seemed like a beautiful idea to decorate that fabric with images of the world it came from.

With that direction in mind, I look to the world as I see it , (through my camera Lense) for inspiration. I play with it, and try to tease out some beautiful detail and texture to inspire me and hopefully the kids, to see the world in new and different ways.

The Low-impact printing method (think water pollution and waste) does not only sit in line with what matters to us, but also gives us the advantage of photo-real print quality. I like to think of it as my version of telling someone my full opinion and letting them decide what is important or what to take away from the experience rather than giving them a simplified version of it and telling them that this is how it is".

Perfection Personified... I will leave it at that.

Until next time.... Peace + Love Always from Upstate NY :)

Mr.P Wears:: Wood Charcoal Print Sweat Top and Hat Agatha Cub
Alabama Style Jeans, I Dig Denim via : Hipkin
Bobby Sunnies, Sons+Daughters
New Balance Sneakers

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