Sunday, 8 February 2015


SPRING/SUMMER is coming to half the planet and AUTUMN/WINTER is coming to us over here in the land of upsidedown:
But since we still have summer over here and summer is arriving over there, we name this INSANELY good giveaway #summersplashandspringtimestash 

The winner (yes! One winner only)will win gift vouchers from ALL the brands and stores mentioned below at a collected value of 2710$ is vouchers!!!
Let me say that again, because that is just an incredible prize:::

2710$ VOUCHERS from the COOLEST stores and brands there is!!! 

The pictures are just a tiny little taste of what the individual brands and stores has to offer: YOU CHOOSE YOUR PRIZE YOURSELF!!! 

In ADDITION :: Included is of course FREE world wide shipping marked as a gift on everything at a value of around 360$. (15$x24=360$)

The items you see on this site and the instagram pictures are curated by @freeandwildchild and is a display of what the different brands and stores have to offer, there is far more to see on their own websites which is linked below their logo. 
You are free to pick whatever you want within the price range of your vouchers so I highly suggest you browse the stores as I am sure there is something amazing to be found for your kid. So this giveaway can be for babies, toddlers, tweens and teens, and boys and girls alike. 

And that makes this giveaway a ONE OF A KIND in the giveaway world. 

#summersplashandspringtimestash & @freeandwildchild 
And follow all our amazing peeps listed!
(You can find the links to all the accounts to follow below and on @freeandwildchild's instagram page, the first and second giveaway picture posted)

One very lucky winner will get the following from our amazing and generous friends:

200$ voucher -shipping is free
Kids concept clothing store in Noosa, QLD (AUS) 
and online at

200$ voucher -shipping is free


200$ voucher -shipping is free

200$ voucher -shipping is free

150$ voucher + shipping is free

150$ voucher -Shipping is free
Amazing curated collection for your littles & 
largest selection of tiny cottons, popupshop, beauloves, mini rodine, 
miniwilla child.sih in the US! 

100$ voucher + free shipping

100$ voucher -shipping is free
Think bold stripes, graphic prints and organic cotton. We love designers that aren’t afraid to step outside the boundaries and with open arms we embrace the lean towards non gendered fashion.

100$ voucher + shipping is free

100$ voucher -shipping is free

Moppit and more is a bright and colourful children's store 
located in the Inner North of Melbourne. 
We carry a range of fun gifts, clothing, toys, 
décor, shoes and more.  

100$ -Shipping is free.
A cutting edge contemporary brand born is SoCal //
We are keeping  it real with cool comfy styles for your kids

100$ voucher + shipping is free
Hipkin - a boutique collection of kids' fashion globally
sourced with a Scandinavian influence

100$ voucher -Shipping is free

100$ voucher -shipping is free

100$ voucher -shipping is free

100$ voucher -Shipping is free

80$ voucher + shipping is free
Tees for the coolest Kids on the block from Melbourne Australia. 
Our Maiko Mini Collection features Monochrome Pandas and Tigers, 

Neon Pink Bunnies and Flamingos, Gold Cat Masks and Uber Cool Chameleons to ROCK THAT PLAYGROUND OR PARTY!

80$ voucher + shipping is free

75$ voucher -shipping is free

DLK is a carefully curated collection of modern children's fashion, 
accessories, toys and home decor for design minded families. 
With a strong focus on modern, monochrome DLK also offers a variety of 
hand picked pieces filled with pops of color for everyone!

75$ voucher -shipping is free
Fabulous Retro, Kitsch & Kawaii fun stuff for kids!

75$ voucher -Shipping is free
At my lille limón we believe in sustainable fashion 
and that's why we bring together brands from around the world 
that care about the environment and create clothing that can be saved 
and worn by younger siblings. 
Another important element is to curate a universe of brands 
that express the magical time of youth. 
Currently we cater to kids ages 0-6 years old stocking clothing, 
decor, toys and accessories.

75$ voucher -Shipping is free

75$ voucher -Shipping is free

75$ voucher -Shipping is free

Make sure you follow all our generous stores and brands <3

-Anyone can join.
-FREE worldwide shipping included on ALL items.
-All the prizes will be sent separately which is great
for people in countries with taxes and duty on gifts.
-Repost this image with the hashtag 
#summersplashandspringtimestash and @freeandwildchild
-Follow all the instagram accounts mentioned. 
-Instagram and public accounts only.
(I am sorry, but we need to keep this public 
so make sure your instagram is set to public 
at the date of the draw) 
-1 week, winner announced at: SUNDAY FEB 15, 2015


-You can repost (one) 1 time only.
-Winner will be picked randomly by @freeandwildchild
And remember to subscribe to our blog by email <3 BEST OF LUCK :-*

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