Saturday, 28 February 2015


Hi there dear Friends! Mr. P and I have been away from the blogging for a spell, as sometimes life creates new ways to challenge and test the resiliency of its participants. I am very happy to be back on the train doing what I love most, which is hanging out with my sweet babe and testing out the best of the best in children's fashion!

We are very much still in the thick of winter in upstate NY with temperatures in the single digits and feeling much like a frozen tundra!

On this particular very sunny but windy Sunday my darling one and I decided that we were going to get out and have an "forest adventure" . There is a park conservatory right outside of town, and I thought we'd be brave and walk a trail! 

I have written a little piece about the very sweet and forward thinking brand Little Creative Factory here. We received this winter ensemble in November and have had much use from all of the items. P looks so proper and most importantly he is warm. The tube scarf is the best and the fleece lining on this amazing coat keeps him all kinds of cozy warm. 

We made it about a mile down the path until we hit the "yellow trail". The wind was whipping and while he wasn't going to say he was ready to go home, as he was aiming to walk all the way to the mountains, I  explained that it was indeed too cold to walk any further and we would have to come back another time. Most likely next weekend because we are brave and are always up for a challenge ;)

Be well my friends, and yes if you are having winter now in your part of the world stay warm. If you are at the beach somewhere however then I am indeed a little jealous!
Come on Spring!!

Peace and love from the North East.


Little Creative Factory is currently offering their fall/ Winter Collection with huge markdowns!

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