Thursday, 15 January 2015


Oh Shampoodle! I am in love with your whole philosophy and your amazing organic cotton! 
The bravery of this swedish brand is just so enticing and wonderful. I love a brand that is fresh and new. A brand that doesn't play it safe but pushes boundaries to the max. This brand plays a lot on unisex apparel and every cut and colour scheme can be put on either boy or girl: And the bold prints and cuts just makes Shampoodle one of my absolute top recommendations for SS15: Watch this space: I have seen what's coming and it is just as spectacular as their AW14/15 has been. This collection is currently available to you at 30% off, so you should definitely jump on that as secure your little explorers some of these amazing pants and tops. This is next level playclothes! The quality of their organic cotton is simply luxurious, and the clothes are durable and made to last. People always stop and comment on how amazing they look when they are seen out in any of these pieces. I must admit that my favourites might be the Piece de resistance tee. How fabulous is that colour?!!And the wonderful eclectic tee in a size too big works wonders as a dress. Stay tuned on my instagram @freeandwildchild for more ways to style @shampoodlesweden pieces from AW14/15 

I matched up with the amazing Prjona Plym. I would have had both kids wear these incredibly inspiring and motivating beanies with text like "Free spirit" "I will change the world" "I will shine" "Not all who wanders are lost" "Be brave" and she even offers a customised version for those of you who cant find beanies with your kids names on them, or who have something you want to say <3 but the dude really wanted to have a ponytail for some reason. (He is so funny. Normally I cant even touch his hair!) I adore the mint coloured pompom though. Have you seen a prettier pompom??? And do you know what? Prjona plym beanies are on sale too: Down 15$! and they smell absolutely wonderful. I cannot describe it, maybe a minty smell? It is soooo divine, worth buying hundreds of beanies for! 

What are you waiting for? You have some amazing sales to jump on.
Go! Get! xoxox 

 Mr C is wearing 

Miss W is wearing her 


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  1. Love this post and the clothes!! Gorgeous photos!!!!

    Mikaela Wallinder Clifford