Friday, 30 January 2015


Loud Apparel is cutting edge kids fashion taken straight out of one of the largest art and fashion capitols of the world: London, and their SS15 Monster's attack is just as amazing as their previous collections.
The contrast pieces, the amazing dresses, the brave cuts and the amazing mix of fabrics is all things that makes me adore this brand. This season they also have some amazing accessories like both white and black face caps, the coolest hooded towels I ever did see and like every season, their socks are next level. If you love monochrome, then this brand is definitely for you, but this brand is also for you who love elegance, creativity and if you love for your kids to stand out. The coolness factor is simply off the charts, so you cannot go wrong with ANY of the pieces of this collection::
Those face caps, truly are amazing. We have a previous season one and the quality and fit is amazing: Mr C has already decided that he needs both. Truly cannot wait to show you more from the label that is taking kids fashion to a whole new level of coolness. Links follow below.

If you want to see previous collections from Loud Apparel, see here ::: 

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Monday, 19 January 2015


Life is a party, so live it up! 

Happy new year my dear ones. How was your holiday?
I hope your tummies were fat and your smiles big and I wish you a most wonderful and creative 2015. So ready!!!
Today I am here to share a little post from our new home. It is a lovely home. Not perfect in any way and since we are renting we cannot do amazing things like paint the walls in the colour schemes we might prefer. It is still a lovely home by the beach though, so we are happy here. 
I totally randomly winded up getting Miss W a teepee for christmas. Most of my shopping was done from small business' online, but I just could not pass this teepee when I came across it! It is made by a little australian company named Rainbows and Clover (former Nic Nac) You can read more about them here  and it is fair trade and ethically made. Locally bought too, at seaweed and sand homewares, so that narrowed our footprint in nature even more. (this is where I got the starfish and seashells garland as well) 
I am so happy that I got this teepee: It is just so simple and delicate: and I have loved putting together a little corned for Miss W, who loves her teepee so much! 
We have packed it full of amazing goodies: the beautiful sleeping bear pillowcase from G.Nancy (illustrated by the talented Oli Holmes (@electricpuppet)) is in there. Miss W just adore bears and this pillow gets so many cuddles and kisses each day. The munster kids/ Kip and Co collaboration cheetah pillow case from Buckets and spades is in there, and lots of different ice cream, because we are ICE CREAM NUTS! We have ice cream (icy poles) string lights and pillows and wooden ice creams from le toy van. Even the pompoms are called gelati. (ice cream!) YUMMY little hideout! At night the string lights give the most beautiful light, colouring everything inside in beautiful colours. That is my favourite part about teepees. You can decorate so much! 
What do you have in your teepee/tent?

xxx Karianne

Ps: Please note Miss W's messy hair: living by the sea and surf and constantly playing in salt water and wearing sunscreen makes you look a bit wild.  Free and Wild. Exactly. 

Pps: I hope you enjoyed my first somewhat interior blogpost. 

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Thursday, 15 January 2015


I love it when my little 2,5 year old gives me Queen Bey attitude and I have to say that she so totally does in this outfit! Christina Rohde makes beautiful clothes that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your need and style: even though my messy miss wears this in a very tomboy way with her munster kids petal snapback (current season::) , you can easily pop on a pair of beautiful oxfords, a white shirt and flower band or pretty braid in the hair for a birthday party. Endless options with amazing classic and timeless pieces like this. 
The gold shorts and top is so soft and in more of a track pants and tee kind of feel: which is awesome: look so classy and feels so good! The bird dress is beautiful and everyone comments on it on our way: I would advice to size up a couple of sizes so your little one can wear it more as a dress than a long tank. The fabric is silky soft and the print is of impeccable quality. 

Christina Rohde, I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next season already: I hear AW15 involves fluffy wonders and other fabulous pieces. 

/// Karianne 

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Oh Shampoodle! I am in love with your whole philosophy and your amazing organic cotton! 
The bravery of this swedish brand is just so enticing and wonderful. I love a brand that is fresh and new. A brand that doesn't play it safe but pushes boundaries to the max. This brand plays a lot on unisex apparel and every cut and colour scheme can be put on either boy or girl: And the bold prints and cuts just makes Shampoodle one of my absolute top recommendations for SS15: Watch this space: I have seen what's coming and it is just as spectacular as their AW14/15 has been. This collection is currently available to you at 30% off, so you should definitely jump on that as secure your little explorers some of these amazing pants and tops. This is next level playclothes! The quality of their organic cotton is simply luxurious, and the clothes are durable and made to last. People always stop and comment on how amazing they look when they are seen out in any of these pieces. I must admit that my favourites might be the Piece de resistance tee. How fabulous is that colour?!!And the wonderful eclectic tee in a size too big works wonders as a dress. Stay tuned on my instagram @freeandwildchild for more ways to style @shampoodlesweden pieces from AW14/15 

I matched up with the amazing Prjona Plym. I would have had both kids wear these incredibly inspiring and motivating beanies with text like "Free spirit" "I will change the world" "I will shine" "Not all who wanders are lost" "Be brave" and she even offers a customised version for those of you who cant find beanies with your kids names on them, or who have something you want to say <3 but the dude really wanted to have a ponytail for some reason. (He is so funny. Normally I cant even touch his hair!) I adore the mint coloured pompom though. Have you seen a prettier pompom??? And do you know what? Prjona plym beanies are on sale too: Down 15$! and they smell absolutely wonderful. I cannot describe it, maybe a minty smell? It is soooo divine, worth buying hundreds of beanies for! 

What are you waiting for? You have some amazing sales to jump on.
Go! Get! xoxox 

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