Monday, 8 December 2014

The Very Talented Mr. P :: Featuring Maravilla-Paris

I often wonder what my little dude will decide to be when he grows up. I can say right now he is becoming a very charming and outgoing character, and really knows how to draw people to him. He likes to introduce himself and shake hands, sometimes showing off some new funny trick or dance move he has made up. No matter if the adult is the "I don't like children sort" he can even get "that person" to give a smirk! I think that is a very handy talent to have, and I believe the world needs some of his magnetic energy... I revel in it. I know that is a mom thing to think and say, but it is for real!

Mr. P and I have been away for a brief spell but are happy to be back bringing you some MAJOR awesomeness from a lovely Paris based brand Maravilla. I can not get over how amazing these knit pieces are and feel so fortunate to be able to give them a test run.

I always speak about Mr.P and his knitwear, as he is a bit persnickety. What is most wonderful is when you find a brand that speaks to your personal aesthetic and offers total comfort for the babe. I am a sucker for a fantastically made knit, and I see P getting much use from this sweater and pom hat combo.

Maravilla is designed by Carla a Mexican designer based in Europe. Gathering inspiration from handicrafts, and traditions from her native country, she uses these ideas to create modern pieces that allow for creativity and freedom of movement for children. The knits I can tell you are beautiful, using a blend of natural wool and bamboo. They are very cozy and you can tell they were made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The company is  committed to environmental consciousness as well. Maravilla's items are handmade by artisan woman from different regions in Mexico, where the company has developed programs that offer improved life conditions for their workers. I love love it all! I am already looking forward to their Spring 2015 collection, as Paolo and Carla have worked some lovely black/white Ikat wizardry for all you monochrome lovers....

This is the time however for warmth and sweaters, and hot cocoa with vanilla bean marshmallows(yup I make homemade marshmallows) .... So that we are clear ;)

Signing off from Upstate NY~
Be Well xxx


Mr. P Wears:: Knitted Pom Beanie, Multi Color Sweater
by; Maravilla-Paris
You can also get Maravilla here
Plaid Pants by; By Boy and Girl

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