Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I have long wanted to feature small business' and handmade items, but in all the rush of life, it hasn't happened yet: until now! I have a list as long as a wonderful year of people that make things I adore and who I want to feature under the label INSTAGRAM CORNER and the first lady I will feature, is Michelle from @danseypantsdisco.
I found this very talented, very beautiful and oh so creative mama through 
Kirsten Rickert's blog (here::) and I just knew that I had found someone special. 

Michelle is an illustrator from Nantucket island who makes the most beautiful hand sewn dolls. 
And they are so special, so detailed and so beautiful that any child would be lucky to have one! 
I feel so inspired when I read her blog and look through her instagram pages, I feel the need to create again myself. When you come by people who inspire something so strongly in you, you owe it to yourself to hold on to that inspiration and you owe it to the world to share it so that others can get to embrace true talents, like Michelle. 

I had the opportunity to ask her what inspires her work and how she balances her work with motherhood, and not surprisingly, her reply was as beautiful as she. 

"I find inspiration in the every day, from found treasures to beautiful
scenes and beautiful souls. 
I love seeking out inspiration in places it may not usually be seen. 
I think the most inspirational bit in my life though is Odin. 
Before Odin I enjoyed making things, but not like I do now. 
After he was born, all I could think about was how I wanted to make him proud. 
I wanted to establish myself for myself and for him and started to work towards that. 
He inspires me always (which sounds sappy, I know- but it's the truth) and leads me to new inspiration. 
try to work with him, often giving him pieces of what I'm working on to "help." 
Or giving him a variety of supplies to make his own creations while I take the 20 minutes or more to work on projects for my online shoppe. 
It's difficult to balance a work at home and stay at home mom lifestyle, but I have the most supportive fiancée in the world. 
He is always making himself available to help entertain our little O, so that I can work. 
He is always telling me how happy he is to see me doing what I really want to do and I love him for it!"

To get to know more about Michelle, check out her blog HERE:: 
And make sure you follow her journey on @danceypantsdiscodolls


and you can check out her site


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