Thursday, 4 December 2014


Dresses dresses dresses! My little Miss has reached a stage where she only wants dresses and tells me her shorts are Dada's. (Dada is what she has called Calvin for the past year, and she does not seem to want to call him anything else. Dada= Calvin. Daddy= daddy) I do love dresses but  I don't love frills and bows (unless it is made in a very clever way) I love tutus because they are dress up, but I can't stand tacky fabrics and colours. I know that of course makes me super weird as many want a girl baby just so they can dress them up like little pink balls of fluff, but that is just not me... and further more: It is not Willow. She is such a tomboy. She needs dresses that can take it. The climbing. The sliding. The jumping. The rolling... Great quality and functionality is so important to us: You can be guaranteed that if you see her in a dress: It is not coming from cotton on kids or H&M. Never ever from Target or Kmart. And never from Ralph Lauren or any other million dollar business that takes little to no consideration to the environment or production line.  This is not from a snobby perspective, I assure you. This is from a mere love of people and the planet, and me wanting to teach my kids to care from early on. (Im the mom that tells my 4 year old why he can't eat artificial colours and how and what to recycle)  Anyways, I seem to be getting awfully side tracked, sometimes I guess the passionate part of me just shines through.

When it comes to Hello Kitty though, enough is never enough, however, to me personally, PINK can sometimes become overbearing and suddenly meringue-esk and that.. well, Im just not a fan.
Hello Kitty has become pink pink pink and it seems forgotten that she started out with a red bow and blue overalls. Well Hello Misha Lulu. Now we're talking pure genius: Misha Lulu makes the most detailed and incredible dresses and shirts, skirts, what-have-you and they started a collaboration with Sanrio to make these Hello Kitty dresses quite a few seasons back. And I thank you, Karen and Joe  for doing that: I am so thrilled that my little Miss W finally gets to wear something HK, without all the bad fabrics and pink and purple cotton candy shades. I am in love. Willow is in love. Everyone we meet when wearing our (ehm, I mean her. Of course)  Misha Lulu, falls in love. 

Misha Lulu is a family owned and operated fashion brand, founded by Joe and Karen Salazar. 
Karen, a native from El Salvador and Joe Salazar lives in Pasadena with their little muse Isabela.
Inspired by their faith, latin culture and childhood memories, Misha Lulu is a retro-modern infant and toddler brand. They use art, nature and family as the foundation of their apparel collection. 

You can check out their previous collections, blog and store, HERE ::: 

So, if you want to support small business, get some incredible quality dresses, Misha Lulu is the place to go. Pronto. :)

I hope you will like our little Misha Lulu Hello Kitty adventure. 
Thank you for popping by. 

 Miss W wearing 
Sox from bobo choses and
salt water sandals.

Mr C is wearing his 
His shark face shorts

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