Monday, 15 December 2014


Oh danish design, sigh. Love love love. 
Im lucky enough to be an actual scandinavian born and raised, and like I have said before, I love the scandinavian way of life and culture, design and fashion. I remember reading an article in a fashion mag that had a quote along the lines of this "Standing out in scandinavia is a big deal. Everyone stands out in London, you can put on pretty much whatever you want and find likeminded. In the small cities of Scandinavia, you are brave. No one stands out, but those who do, are some of the bravest people I've met"  
It stuck with me for many reasons. One being that I always stood out growing up. 
I had dreadlocks and wore handed down knits and corduroy and really vintage tee's from the US. I got my flowery dresses from the vintage shops and I wore saggy denims long before the term "boyfriend jeans" came to be. I loved my skateboard and the skateboard peeps. I had a massive collection of SP dunks and skate kicks and from the top of my miss Sixty platforms, I was stuck between the artsy and fabulous 70's and the new and colourful hip hop. Its like hip hop spoke to my heart, and the 60-70's spoke to my soul and I just couldn't decide. 

The danish brand Christina Rohde, by Christina Rohde, is oh so very much speaking to the scandinavian hippie in me: Flowery prints and high quality fabrics, cuts and edge. I am in love! I mean, these No P4 golden brocade shorts can so easily become high fashion christmas outfit with a beautiful white linen shirt and a feather band or mask: Or toned down with a tee and a sweatshirt. 
The No 44 pink flower sweatshirt is genius: It is the softest brushed fleece inside, though the print looks like a thin cotton dress from the 60's. IN LOVE! And I have to let you know that Christina herself is as sweet as they come. She even sent Miss W the most adorable dress and tutu that we cannot wait to show you!! 
I matched the shorts with the wovenplay Lola suit in green. I thought this was a match made in heaven: Absolutely delightful colour combination. (the cap, although a very very cute cap, was not so much my decision. When you have a very strong willed twonager, sometimes you just have to budge. It was that or a major meltdown... and so she kept the cap)

Mr C also wore some tones of green, with his munster kids green island shorts and cap and his last season Dog act tee. Gosh I love these colours on him: His eyes just pop!

I hope you like the images from our little adventure down by the rockpools.
It was a magical light and mood there that evening for sure.

xxx Karianne 

Miss W is wearing her Christina Rohde

Mr C is wearing his Munster kids 


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  1. So Love this Post Sweet Karianne! I had dreadlocks (and am in the process of growing a new "set") haha!
    These images are gorgeous as well! Well Done Love!