Monday, 22 December 2014


All through high school I felt as though I was supposed to have been born decades earlier: in the earliest 60's, yes please. I day dreamed about Woodstock and Led Zepp, Lou Red and Bobby. I had the pleasure of seeing both Neil Young and Bob Dylan in 2001 at another big and fab festival, Roskilde 2001: with my dreadlocks, flowery shirts and corduroys. I think that was as close to Woodstock as it could get for me. It was amazing. Under the stars we laid on the grass and listened to the same tunes as they did then: surrounded by the sweet smell of our youth, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll... It was the summer of peace and love and music. It was absolute bliss. 

I often find myself almost overwhelmed by the talents I meet on my journey through blog and instagram land. I meet people from all kinds of backgrounds who create because of a flame that burns deep inside that cannot be stopped. It is absolutely incredible how you can get inspired to be better, by people you have yet to meet. I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of very special people through social media (including my husband) and I have a list as long as my kids wish list for Santa, of places to go and people to see, and I hope someday my wish list comes true.

One of the peeps on that list is the amazing Kelly from Feather Drum. And she is not far away at all. In fact, she is in Sydney. She is a gorgeous lady with the most perfect sense of bohemian kids wear. If you love the Boho baby style: you must know her and her brand. If you don't, then now is a great time!    ------> @featherdrum
We put on our Woodstocker pants, which is the model this mama absolutely fell in love with and proud to say we have one of each, and went to the beach on a beautiful beautiful saturday.  (The third woodstocker pant is featured HERE::) After lots of stormy weather lately, and this mama being sick with the flu for what seems like forever (Yeah, still not all the way there!) it was lovely with a beach break: Lunch and ice creams followed of course. A happy day <3
Everywhere we go, when the kids are dressed in this brand, people stop and ask where their clothes are from and comment on how amazing they look. I love that so much. 
Now, she just needs to make adult clothes as well, because I would LOVE to wear these super soft and amazing looking pants myself!

Feather Drum has just launched their latest season, the lost oasis collection, and it is beyond stunning. You must have a look and fall in love with this amazing australian brand. 

I hope you will enjoy our little Feather Drum beach adventure 
xxx Karianne

Miss W wears Feather drum 

Mr C wears Feather drum


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Holiday Boy Style Part Deux Featuring :: Tuchinda

The Merry Holidays are in full effect and Mr. P and I are defiantly feeling the festive spirit! I am ready for school to be out for the winter break so P and I can spend some quality time together, and connect with friends and family.

One of my favourite joys about blogging is getting to know new brands and what is inspiring to others who  believe in keeping their passions alive through their designs... their art. I try to capture the essence of that sentiment through my photos of my little man, who I also wish to inspire to be creative and live in the moment. I think its a beautiful thing really.

While most occasions are never that "formal" in our world , I am always down for a bit of fancying up with a super stylish and so on trend Plaid Blazer and Mustard Cords a la my new favourite brand Tuchinda.

I have had my eye on this lovely brand for some time, and really felt drawn to the  classic cuts of the designs and the type of tailoring you'd only find in luxury women's and menswear lines. That is really what sets this line apart from many childrenswear brands. The brand evokes a sense of quite sophistication and approachable elegance that I think is sometimes lacking in children's wear today. I know what you are thinking... I as well do not think it has to be so very "serious", as its "only clothing" but in my little world I tend to play with the idea that dressing your kiddo in well made garments does play a small role in how they perceive themselves and intern how others view them. I think this is exactly what Tuchinda strives to create for children through her designs.... a positive sense of themselves, and in this very beautiful but sometimes nut-so world that is what our young ones need.

Tina (the founder of Tuchinda) uses the most beautiful European, Japanese  as well as organic fabrics (when possible) for her garments, that are to put it mildly... Stunning. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE!

 Grab some of the gorgeousness yourself here and give your little dude (or lady for that matter) some serious Holiday style! (Chocolate toy solider not included ;)
  Hope you enjoy our little photo story of this amazing brand!

Wishing you The Merriest of Holidays...
Much Love Always from Upstate NY xxx


Plaid Jacket, Mustard Cords by: Tuchinda Design
Peanut Button Up by, Bobo Choses
Bobby Sunnies by, Sons and Daughters
Neon Toe Cap Lace Ups by, Brother Vellies
Black Fedora, Borrowed from the momma ;)

Monday, 15 December 2014


Oh danish design, sigh. Love love love. 
Im lucky enough to be an actual scandinavian born and raised, and like I have said before, I love the scandinavian way of life and culture, design and fashion. I remember reading an article in a fashion mag that had a quote along the lines of this "Standing out in scandinavia is a big deal. Everyone stands out in London, you can put on pretty much whatever you want and find likeminded. In the small cities of Scandinavia, you are brave. No one stands out, but those who do, are some of the bravest people I've met"  
It stuck with me for many reasons. One being that I always stood out growing up. 
I had dreadlocks and wore handed down knits and corduroy and really vintage tee's from the US. I got my flowery dresses from the vintage shops and I wore saggy denims long before the term "boyfriend jeans" came to be. I loved my skateboard and the skateboard peeps. I had a massive collection of SP dunks and skate kicks and from the top of my miss Sixty platforms, I was stuck between the artsy and fabulous 70's and the new and colourful hip hop. Its like hip hop spoke to my heart, and the 60-70's spoke to my soul and I just couldn't decide. 

The danish brand Christina Rohde, by Christina Rohde, is oh so very much speaking to the scandinavian hippie in me: Flowery prints and high quality fabrics, cuts and edge. I am in love! I mean, these No P4 golden brocade shorts can so easily become high fashion christmas outfit with a beautiful white linen shirt and a feather band or mask: Or toned down with a tee and a sweatshirt. 
The No 44 pink flower sweatshirt is genius: It is the softest brushed fleece inside, though the print looks like a thin cotton dress from the 60's. IN LOVE! And I have to let you know that Christina herself is as sweet as they come. She even sent Miss W the most adorable dress and tutu that we cannot wait to show you!! 
I matched the shorts with the wovenplay Lola suit in green. I thought this was a match made in heaven: Absolutely delightful colour combination. (the cap, although a very very cute cap, was not so much my decision. When you have a very strong willed twonager, sometimes you just have to budge. It was that or a major meltdown... and so she kept the cap)

Mr C also wore some tones of green, with his munster kids green island shorts and cap and his last season Dog act tee. Gosh I love these colours on him: His eyes just pop!

I hope you like the images from our little adventure down by the rockpools.
It was a magical light and mood there that evening for sure.

xxx Karianne 

Miss W is wearing her Christina Rohde

Mr C is wearing his Munster kids