Friday, 28 November 2014

Yes Mr.P winter is here! :: Featuring Little Creative factory

This past weekend was only a mere taste of the kind of cold that us on the Northeast are going to be experiencing this winter. Mr. P was born in the summer time and for whatever reason seems to prefer the colder months. He has been asking about winters arrival for weeks now, and finally I was able to say YES babe winter is here!! Thankfully I was able to keep him warm with this amazing winter outfit from Little Creative Factory.

I initially discovered this gorgeous line here, and immediately wanted to learn more about this company and was amazed to see the range of garments from babies to adults, both for mamas and the stylish men in their lives. I knew straight away that I wanted P to have a coat from this range, so I chose this retro model, and couldn't be more pleased. I love that this style has a very retro,  old school vibe hence the name of the coat, it reminds me of a photo of my mom that I have of when she was a babe. Think 1960's in Central Park. ( So loved how my granny dressed my mom) Really proper like, this coat makes my boy look like he is always so well behaved!

The Company's philosophy is based on a slow way of manufacturing, which means meticulous attention to detail, and a new way to look at producing the fabrics for their garments as well. The coats sheep skin lining is made using %100 cotton and as soft as can be, as well as the very cosy warm simple scarf. This brand has everything a parent can wish for when style, comfort and the values of  sustainability are apart of what they strive to to give to their children.

 I can not think of a better, more stylish or warmer way to spend these next few cold months.
Mr. P is pretty much all set for the winter...
Follow me and my babe here, and The sweet ladies from this brand can be found here,

Be well and stay warm~


Mr. P wears :: Retro Coat, Warm Simple Scarf
Retro Cap, all from Little Creative Factory
SuperPeanut Pants, Bobo Choses
Sheepskin boots, Emu Australia 

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