Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Weekend Print Play : Featuring Stars in A Jar & Gardner and the Gang

If you have been following Mr. P and I for a bit you will have found one thing to be true. We LOVE prints and patterns! What I like most about my dudes "style" is that in our little universe colour rules, and prints that may otherwise not work together... do. 

We are not afraid to mix this seasons Super Bionic bomb of a bomber jacket ( more about this in a bit) with our bright chartreuse hippo harem pants, throwing a bit of grey in to balance the look with this uber cool BOBO LA shirt (which comes with a sweet bobo birdie patch, which mama did not have time to iron on). Top it off with his favourite fedora and Minnetonka Moccasins we are ready to go!

The Tiger Jacket has won my heart right away as its completely water/weatherproof ( using bionic eco technology) which means its earth friendly and as I wanted to understand it will turn P into Mr. Bionic Super Dude! (you know I am kidding right)...  Mr. P can layer with a hoodie or a knitted sweater for a bit more warmth to get some wear before the Northeast freeze hits! 

Little dude and I went on a little morning  adventure to try out our new super cool threads. Quality and Style from head to toe! Hope you enjoy! Peace from NY ~

                                    Mr. P wears :: Bobo LA Button Up
                                    Mini Rodini Tiger Bomber Jacket,
                                    Minnetonka Moccasins ::  From  Stars In a Jar
                                    Hilda the Hippo Harem Pants:: Gardner and the Gang




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