Monday, 24 November 2014


I have said many times how much of a fan I am of Munster Kids (take a look HERE ::) and I have to admit that I am beyond thrilled to be able to feature them on my blog. This is THE brand I love to dress Mr C in: it just fits him to a T! Skate, surf and summer, sticks and bones, paint and colours: Word! 
And luckily for me, my miss W is a perfect fit for the Missie Munster line as well. She is a tomboy. A rough and tough little creature. She loves to skateboard, probably more than mr C does. And she is fearless. 
I immediately fell in love with some pieces (read: ALL) from their SS14, and if I could, my kids would have one of everything, because truly, it is that good. 

Mr C has gone all colourful on us this season and is rocking everything from green island prints to purple palms and stacks of skateboards. On this particular day he wore Munster kids SS14 paintball boardies and paints cap  and this being his first ever boardies, he loved every minute in these shorts.
Miss W wore her Missie Munster Spotted one piece swimsuit . The quality of Munster kids swimwear is absolutely fabulous: these aussies surely know what they are dealing with when it comes to sand and salt water. Perfect quality. Soft and durable. And totally awesome.

Cal also wore his new kicks from AKID brand. These shoes are the bees knees! With the multicoloured marble sole, and the absolutely softest suede leather EVER, I have to admit, AKID shoes are FAR better than I thought they would be. The sole is light and bendy, the leather is perfection and the softness is out of this world. Bravo AKID: Not only do these kicks look fabulous, they ARE fabulous! 

So from us here in beautiful summer wonderland to you:: have a lovely week. 

Miss W is wearing her

Mr C is wearing his 
Munster kids SS14 paintball boardies 
and Munster kids paints cap  
AKID black Knight marble kicks 

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