Sunday, 2 November 2014


Hi good folk, what are you up to this glorious 2'nd day of november? In this house, it has been a lot of focus on social media and you can now find freeandwildchild on twitter, pinterest and instagram. Is there any more social media platforms I should consider to jump on while Im already in the spirit of jumping? 
While I as doing all these little tweaks and html editing to this blog as well as joining fun social media networks, I also came across this little post that had hidden away and gotten lost in all the drafts and published posts: So here is a little treat: The blogged bits from my birthday, October 15'th. 

On this day the rain was either pouring or lurking and thus all the play parks were completely empty. This is a big contrast to Norway where we are pretty much always out playing regardless of the weather. Anyways, we had two of the coolest play parks around all to ourselves, and that was not to shabby! Timbrell park in Five dock was one of them. There is an amazing play park there, made with everyone in mind, inclusive to special needs children, which I must say not too many parks are. This is a sensory park, where there is lots to explore and lots to feel. My kids love the sandpit and the spiderwebs.  Its a pretty great park if you ever want to go some place that offer a little more than just a swing set and a slide...

Miss W was insisting on wearing her Mouse beanie and I have to say it was a perfect match with the temperature and the look (was a bit worse the other day in 30 + degrees and bathingsuit!! She insisted then too! Kids and their ways huh?)  The kids also wore their I dig denim "The denim Ocean" AW14 threads: Cal in his Alabama grey jeans, and Orlando vest. Miss W in her Arizona jeans in black. 
I dig denim always make favourites in this house. We love the fit and feel so much. The vest is a softness miracle. My goodness the lining is so silky soft!!
If there is one piece you should consider for your boy, this is it! Why should the little girls have all the fluffy fun?  But for real though, if you have yet to try out a pair of IDD, let me remove any doubts: TRY!

Miss W wears Mouse beanie from Disney
Chuck Taylors in Honey.

Mr C wears I dig denim beanie

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  1. Love this shoot Karianne!! How sweet do these babes look! So Fly!!
    love ya!