Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vision of a Dream :: Design Life Kids

I like many mothers out there are juggling a great deal in our daily lives. We are caregivers to our children, manage homes, and usually find little time to fulfill our personal goals and to well.... to dream. 
I have found a great deal of comfort and strength through my new friendships on IG. I have dared to put myself out there a bit and to share some of my life as a mom raising a little boy . I show our lives through the lens of fashion, and while that may seem frivolous , it's merely the conduit to my dream of becoming more creative in my life.

I have recently had the pleasure of becoming aquatinted with the owner of Design Life Kids : Kim Wardell . Her dream Shop opened its virtual doors on October 1st. Its contents are fresh and as the name implies Design focused, Offering a curated collection of children's fashion from all over the globe, housewares, toys... really anything you may need to outfit your little ones or living space in style. I asked Kim a bit about what drives her design aesthetic, and she shared this with me ;

"Life inspires me. Its hectic, beautiful, happy, and sad and often all at the same time. I try to surround myself with pieces and colors that make me feel good.  I want to wake up, walk downstairs and smile as often as possible, so our living spaces are white bright and uncluttered. Just like people, when you surround yourself with well designed pieces your mood will reflect it. That goes for clothing as well. I wear all black, all the time. It's me and my personality, not a sad one, but one that compliments it's surroundings. The girls, they are vibrant and bold, and I think their fashion sense reflects that as well"

Mr. P and I had the pleasure of trying a few pieces from Design Life Kids this past weekend. I had to let out a squeal when P opened the box that contained the totally rad Gispen Dumbo cup. While I am totally down with all the monochrome mamas out there, (my own mama was the queen of black and white herself) , we chose the red color to try. He loved it so much and thinks its the coolest thing EVER! Its easy to hold and completely durable. We also snagged these amazing Tie dye leggings by Feather Drum brand, out of AU ! I am a mom who is OK with leggings for my boy, as long as he is comfortable, I am a happy lady! They are super soft and the little dude digs them! 

                                    Mr. P Wears :: Tie Dye Leggings,  Feather Drum
                                              Birdie Henley , Bobo Choses
                                              Grey Cardi, Mabo Kids
                                              Check Scarf, Bobo Choses
                                               Red Gispen Dumbo Cup
                                              Retro Beret , Little Creative Factory
                                             Black Fedora, borrowed from the mama:)



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