Monday, 6 October 2014


The coolest film from the 80's is beat street and the coolest thing about the 80's aside from the colourful fashion and innovative hairdo's, was how rapping, graffiti and breakdance (the hip hop culture) came and hit cities world wide in the face like like a revolution of colour and funk. And luckily this culture has just kept on growing to the point where breakdancing is considered an art form just as much as graffiti is. The rebellion has not died: though one could imagine that the hip hop cultures rise to household name would be devastating (and sure, in some cases it has been) I would say hip hop is still going strong. And me... I love hip hop. The more underground the better. 
I started art school because I was obsessed with graffiti. I printed out my favourite pieces from all over the world and kept in a folder that just kept on growing. I knew the names of the greatest artists there was at the time (BATES! remember BATES?!!) aaaah, I love hip hop. I love Kweli. Atmosphere. Murs and Slug. I hung out with GZA once. And Masta Ace another. I saw one of J Dilla's absolute last shows (RIP). My son is named after Snoop Dogg, My daughter is named after a line in an Erykah Badu song. I love the Roots and I love 2Pac. Everytime I see graffiti, I stop and admire. I absolutely love and appreciate the talents out there: the creativity is insane! I am beyond stoked that hip hop is still alive and my kids get to grow up in a world where colour still exists. 

In my opinion, the coolest place in Sydney, is Newtown. It is exactly (and oh so contradictory) the exact same place as Oslo's old town, which is where I am from.
Being in Newtown makes me feel at home: the graffiti, the colours, the dreadlocks and artsy atmosphere, tattooed people, the smell of incense... Newtown is friggen rad! It may not be strictly hip hop, but it is hip hop too. I dressed the kids in living color, a mix of our modern organic favourites Nico Nico SS14 and AW14, and went out on an adventure to play with the dogs of strangers, admire some incredible street art and play at our favourite play park. Mr C got a kick out of having the same kicks as the graffiti dude. And miss W just loved to roam, as always. Her skirt (Nico Nico AW14 Wynona skirt cadet) is absolutely incredible. It has the perfect twirl and it is in the most durable and pretty fabric. It matched so perfectly with the cloud tank in chalk colour from their SS14 collection. Mr C was wearing the cloud raglan, which has been my favourite tee on him since he got it. You can still get a limited amount of these favourite SS14 pieces on sale at our friends Stars in a Jar and Nico Nico AW14 Small Trades you can get from Nico Nico HERE::

Miss W is wearing 
and salt water sandals. 

Mr C is wearing Nico Nico clouds raglan,
Mini Rodini Sox and Adidas superstars. 

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