Friday, 10 October 2014


I think that with this post my amount of pictures has hit a record high. It was a very good day in Redfern. We went to Carriage works and Everleigh markets, followed by playparks and secret gardens.
Redfern is a Sydney suburb I have not been to much except for a finders keepers at the Australian technology park and one fine baby at the same spot. Otherwise it has only been a train switching spot for me. I always though it would be a bit.. slummy, but Redfern has cleaned up so nicely and is actually on my list over places I'd like to live. It reminds me a lot about Oslo too: being so close to Newtown, it has the same feel to it: its also full of little streets and parks nestled in between houses. (In Oslo these houses would be apartment buildings from the late 1800-early 1900. That means the homes here and the homes in Oslo are from the same time) I loved it and am so happy I finally had a whole day there with my awesome trio. I will definitely be back! 
Carriage works is an amazing spot for old industrial back drops and I loved the contrast between new and old. Definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a place to shoot in Sydney area. 

I always try to match my kids outfits: so that there is a little bit of a red thread there. I loved these outfits so much! The Bobo Choses baggy pants are just the most incredible (thin) cotton/denim pants. Love their colour. When I didn't own them, I thought the AW baggy pants were made in jersey fabric, but to my joy, I found they are more thin jeans like. People just stopped and smiled to Mr C everywhere we went. Miss W was wearing Nico Nico Clothing Henley dress, which is my absolute favourite dress for this coming summer. It is from their Spring/summer collection but you can still find the odd one here or there: And if you do, Id say go for it! The skirt in this dress is perfection. The Mini Rodini tiger head tee was actually first released years ago, but made a comeback this season, much to the dedicated fans appreciation. He is fierce! Mr C is born in the year of the tiger and he loves everything that has to do with them. Then again.. who doesn't love one of the worlds most beautiful animals? And just to go all Tiggerish on y'all Tigger would say: 

"TTFN: Ta Ta for now!"


Mr C is wearing Bobo Choses baggy pant AW14 

Adidas Nizza. 

Everything in this shoot except for the shoes are from our friends at Stars in a jar


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