Sunday, 26 October 2014


 Upon our landlord's decision to sell the house we have been renting the past few years, we are now looking to relocate from our Sydney inner west suburb to beachy days in the sun. We have had a lot of days in the car, and out exploring beaches and new towns, and it has been wonderful to learn that the kids absolutely thrive in and around water. A more costal lifestyle will do us wonders. Mr C even caught a fish the other day! He was beyond thrilled.
Anyways, we have had this weekend at home, packing, cleaning, hoping and playing: and enjoying the beautiful playpark that is our neighbour and our little towns best kept secret. Nestled in between trees, houses and roads, there is a quiet little playpark that not many know about: Perfect picnic area, perfect new play equipment for the little people and lots of lawn to roll around on. And trees. Big and beautiful trees.  This park is on top of the list of what we will miss from our neighbourhood.

Miss W is wearing a beautiful skirt from the amazing australian children's brand, Sapling child. The quality of any Sapling child product is beyond luxurious and soft, and always feature soft and pretty colour schemes and prints. The efforts made to ensure not only fair trade production but also sustainable organic cotton makes this a label you will want to support and have in your little ones wardrobe. To top it off, this line was created in collaboration with Jessica Alba and Jamie King for Honest Co. Bravo Sapling child: Utter perfection!

Mr C is wearing his awesome bandit kids crying heart tee, illustrated by our sweet and talented friend Emma at @paxandhart and as all bandit kids threads, fairly made in indonesia. 
You can read more about bandit kids HERE :: and HERE ::

....Then Mr C got stung by a bee and we had to go back home. His finger is now twice the size of the others, but he did bring this one on himself after countless warnings from the worried mother, that is me. Hopefully a lesson learned. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

and her pink little chucks. 

and his black chucks. 

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