Thursday, 30 October 2014


Sydney spring is as you can imagine pretty hot, and today we had about 33 degrees and a very high humidity level. These days are only good for one thing: Shade and water. Drink water: Play in water: dream of water : Eat watermelon... Ok maybe taking it a bit far, but it is so important to stay cool and boy did the kids stay cool today! Not only in their amazing fox on the run/ x marks the spot collection from Bandit Kids, but in the massive lawn spray thingies down at the big play field in our neighbourhood. 
Especially the water boy, Cal, was having so much fun getting completely soaked. He is not afraid of cold water to say the least. Miss W is a little bit more apprehensive on that matter. Me? I just love seeing them being children and having fun. No matter what it is, I think letting them explore while I butt out of their business is so good for them and I love places that allow for them to be completely free to do what they want. 
Then we went to the local gelato bar and ate ice creams before we headed home. 

Miss W's tee is the coolest tee this season for sure :: The donut print is so good, illustrated by Emma @paxandhart and the colour is just the perfect shade of blue. 
We chose a sz 3 ( she just turned 2) and tied a neon-peach little waist-band (it belongs to the nico nico army skirt) I love this look. It makes any tee look more like a dress but its not too pretty either. 
Its a very simple way to create a whole new look. 

Tip: find nice braided belts and save for this purpose. Funny shoe laces and other ribbons work as well. 

HM denim shorts
black alt water sandals
and Mini rodini straw cap

DC shoes chino shorts
and his favourite black chucks

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