Friday, 3 October 2014

An Upstate New York State Of Mind::Featuring Brother Vellies & Sons+Daughters Eyewear

To the train we go!

" Are we going to get on the train mommy" Mr. P asks, I smiled and said no sweet babe... not this time. I guess he doesn't remember our walks down to the Amtrak station when he was little. He used to like just hanging out and watching the trains go by while having a snack. 

Upstate New York has a special place in my heart. I have loads of memories of being a young girl visiting my Great Grandmother and great Aunts, getting a dollar for my uncle Scott for ice cream, and taking the train back down to the City with my mother when the visit was over.
I am raising my little man here now and while sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of the city, I am glad for the comfort and familiarity of this small town. 
Making the best of a beautiful fall-ish morning, we took our muffin and fizzy juice ( as P likes to call it),coffee for me of course, to the Amtrak train station to show some of my favorite accessories for fall. 

Two of my favorite brands for fun+function are Brother Vellies and Sons+Daughters eyewear. 
Brothers Vellies is a company that creates footwear based on Traditional African Dessert shoes. They are handcrafted by local Artisans throughout Africa using top quality leather and techniques perfected over generations. We have had our Vellies (as they are known) for a few months now, and they are truly fantastic. They have had a proper test from trips to grandmothers house, and of course Mr. P's wild scooter rides where he is tearing through the streets...(if he has rolled over your feet I am very sorry)!
These dessert shoes have my heart,I know you will adore them too!

Sons+Daughters eyewear makes the coolest frames for your stylish kiddo! What I love the most is that they are top quality frames made with spring-hinges that can handle a bit of.... you know rough handling by not so gentle hands. We have tried a few styles and are now giving these smart and super cool Harry Frames a go!

 Mr P Wears: 
 Harry Frames:Sons+Daughters Eyewear
 Super Peanut Button up:Bobo Choses
 Black Trousers: Anais & I
 Red suspenders:Urban Sunday
 Neon Cap Shoes:Brother Vellies


  1. Oh Keira, he is just beyond, and your eye for detail is just incredible! LOVE love love !!


    1. Thank you so much Karianne!! You are the best!!! He did such a good job.... Two days in a row!
      Love you!! xoxox

  2. Beautifully written and beautiful pieces! They were made for him.

    1. Oh thank you So much for that!! Much love!! xxx