Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Say hello to Auburn botanical gardens. Mr C and his nana has been coming to this park so much the past 2 years. Its their little special place, and until that day (Sept24, 2014) I had never been before. What a beautiful park to explore. With the city so close by, its easy to overlook little treasures like this one and trek to the bigger places in the city: But I am happy I finally made it here and we will definitely be back.  As I have mentioned before, I think animals in captivity can be very sad, but I have to say that the animals in this park are lucky. They have a nice clean area, not over crowded by people or animals, and they all look content just chilling in the shade. There is breeding programs as to preserve peacocks and animals alike. 
Mr C found a little lizard that he had in his hand for a long time. Suddenly it was gone and he was so sad to have lost his little friend. Then, suddenly in the middle of Auburn train st, the lizard returned to one very happy little boy. Mr C could not believe it! The lizard had followed us in Miss W's pram! 

Minti is a very popular Australian children's brand, known for their quirky prints, cool cuts and great quality fabrics and prints. The prints keep so well, wash after wash! We put on the new season Minti SS14 which screams summer louder than ice cream! Fun prints like sunshine face, surfing bear, cactus, tacoman, pineapple and watermelon to mention a few.
Definitely a brand to look into if you don't already know them. Our fav this season is the surfing bear hoodie, the cactus denim shirt and of course these two pieces, the sunface dress and tacoman tee.  




Miss W is wearing Minti SS14 sunface dress
Mini Rodini sun hat
Salt water sandals from Stars In a Jar. 

Mr C is wearing Minti SS14 Tacoman tee
DC Shoes chino shorts and backpack
Mini Rodini cap and sox.
and his almost worn out chucks. 

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  1. I didn't know this place existed. Its like a mini zoo! love it.