Thursday, 30 October 2014


Sydney spring is as you can imagine pretty hot, and today we had about 33 degrees and a very high humidity level. These days are only good for one thing: Shade and water. Drink water: Play in water: dream of water : Eat watermelon... Ok maybe taking it a bit far, but it is so important to stay cool and boy did the kids stay cool today! Not only in their amazing fox on the run/ x marks the spot collection from Bandit Kids, but in the massive lawn spray thingies down at the big play field in our neighbourhood. 
Especially the water boy, Cal, was having so much fun getting completely soaked. He is not afraid of cold water to say the least. Miss W is a little bit more apprehensive on that matter. Me? I just love seeing them being children and having fun. No matter what it is, I think letting them explore while I butt out of their business is so good for them and I love places that allow for them to be completely free to do what they want. 
Then we went to the local gelato bar and ate ice creams before we headed home. 

Miss W's tee is the coolest tee this season for sure :: The donut print is so good, illustrated by Emma @paxandhart and the colour is just the perfect shade of blue. 
We chose a sz 3 ( she just turned 2) and tied a neon-peach little waist-band (it belongs to the nico nico army skirt) I love this look. It makes any tee look more like a dress but its not too pretty either. 
Its a very simple way to create a whole new look. 

Tip: find nice braided belts and save for this purpose. Funny shoe laces and other ribbons work as well. 

HM denim shorts
black alt water sandals
and Mini rodini straw cap

DC shoes chino shorts
and his favourite black chucks

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mr. P  in the Hood :: Featuring Agatha Cub

    At times I am wondering and wishing for something different or new in my life. I realise that my life and life in general really is always new and happening if you take the time to stop and look around. So much to appreciate literally right around the corner. I am a city girl at heart as i mentioned before. I vibe with the faster pulse of a large city.  living upstate has grown on me though, the lower pace of life, relaxed vibe, and the beautiful scenery ..... dare I say wildlife! Don't laugh I am really kidding... mostly lol! 
While we are considered to be "Country Folk" we do not let that dictate our style! I say lets keep it fresh, with head to toe prints...

My favourite designer for fresh prints is no doubt Agatha Cub. She does it like no other, and P totally vibes with how her pieces look and feel. Her materials and design are perfect for active littles, sturdy cotton pants and the softest organic cotton jersey tops, using low-impact digital printing.   We love our plaid print pants, and matching top they go with almost everything in his closet,  her Organic Cotton Canvas Work shirts are the absolute bomb! Perfect weight to use as a under sweater layer, which will work just fine for us come winter, or as a light jacket for in between days.
This weekend we ventured right in our own hood to do some exploring which made us appreciate how awesome our town is, and to try Agatha Cubs rad gear! We are in love, forever and always... ! Her Tag  is "Kids Stuff for the Curious"! I say right on!

 Organic+Sturdy+Cool..... The bottom line:: She just gets it! Don't feel sad my friends, you can get some too!! xxx

                                            Mr. Wears :: Plaid Pants
                                            Plaid Top, Lobster Work Shirt, Bodega hat
                                             by Agatha Cub
                                             XO sunnies: Sons and Daughters eyewear
                                            White Snake Skin lace ups: Akid Brand

                                                   Agatha Cub::


Sunday, 26 October 2014


 Upon our landlord's decision to sell the house we have been renting the past few years, we are now looking to relocate from our Sydney inner west suburb to beachy days in the sun. We have had a lot of days in the car, and out exploring beaches and new towns, and it has been wonderful to learn that the kids absolutely thrive in and around water. A more costal lifestyle will do us wonders. Mr C even caught a fish the other day! He was beyond thrilled.
Anyways, we have had this weekend at home, packing, cleaning, hoping and playing: and enjoying the beautiful playpark that is our neighbour and our little towns best kept secret. Nestled in between trees, houses and roads, there is a quiet little playpark that not many know about: Perfect picnic area, perfect new play equipment for the little people and lots of lawn to roll around on. And trees. Big and beautiful trees.  This park is on top of the list of what we will miss from our neighbourhood.

Miss W is wearing a beautiful skirt from the amazing australian children's brand, Sapling child. The quality of any Sapling child product is beyond luxurious and soft, and always feature soft and pretty colour schemes and prints. The efforts made to ensure not only fair trade production but also sustainable organic cotton makes this a label you will want to support and have in your little ones wardrobe. To top it off, this line was created in collaboration with Jessica Alba and Jamie King for Honest Co. Bravo Sapling child: Utter perfection!

Mr C is wearing his awesome bandit kids crying heart tee, illustrated by our sweet and talented friend Emma at @paxandhart and as all bandit kids threads, fairly made in indonesia. 
You can read more about bandit kids HERE :: and HERE ::

....Then Mr C got stung by a bee and we had to go back home. His finger is now twice the size of the others, but he did bring this one on himself after countless warnings from the worried mother, that is me. Hopefully a lesson learned. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

and her pink little chucks. 

and his black chucks. 

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Mr. P and I have been living happily in Upstate New York for 4 years now. What we love the most are the change of seasons and all of the beautiful colours that it brings. To tell you the truth I personally prefer " the fashion" that you get to wear in the fall/winter season. Thick Chunky knits, wool knee high socks and some sort of  fuzzy pom pom hat and I am good as gold. My Little dude loves the cooler weather as well, and likes to be cozy. He loves the feel of a well made sweater or cardi against his skin.
 We experienced a rapid change of weather this past weekend and needed to break out some heavier knitted layers to keep warm. We chose to have a play adventure on a chilly Sunday afternoon using Mr. P's school as a backdrop to show the totally amazing Cloud Sweater from Noch Mini

Noch Mini is a beautifully made collection that is simple yet elegant, while using high quality organic materials and low impact dyes that are soft against your little ones skin. The name Noch represents the basic elements of everything that is living and organic. A collection that I most certainly can get behind in style, design and quality . Defiantly needing a few more bits from this seasons collection to get us through fall and winter in style. We opted to keep it funky and paired the Cloud jumper with our ever versatile dotted Ace&Jig baggies and Mr.P's retro cap. Is this a "real life" outfit for us you may be asking. The answer is Absolutely! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

                                Mr.P Wears :: Cloud Sweater, Noch Mini     
                                         Balloon Pants, Ace&Jig
                                         Check Scarf, Bobo Choses
                                          Retro Beret, Little Creative Factory
               This Sweater and many other fabulous threads are available from our friends at
                                              Mini Model Gallery


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Monday, 20 October 2014


Summer has finally hit Sydney (some days anyways) and it is heavenly after the grey winter. The beaches live up and it truly is the only place to be for the little ones. 
We have been to 3 different beaches this past weekend and had ourselves a blast! The kids have been in their right element and had so much fun playing and being absolutely care free. I love this so much. This is the life we want for them.

This weekend we featured a new Aussie children's brand on our urban bohemian adventures:
Feather drum is a fresh urban bohemia children's brand that features bespoke prints, bold shapes and quality fabrics. Feather drum is the dream child of Kelly-Lee, a designer whose days of innocence began in the UK and whose wanderlust has taken her from London to Germany to Italy and now the warm sandy beaches of Sydney's northern beaches in Australia. Employing some of Australias rising creative talent to help bring her creations to life, Kelly-Lee has drawn inspiration from her life long love of French design, her local environment and her natural bohemian style to produce this gorgeous range of quality garments that are fashion forward, sophisticated and fun to wear for the free spirited boys and girls. And I have to say, this style fits Miss W so well: she is such a free spirit: Lives free and wild and she loves nature, sand and beaches. And headwear! 
The felt floppy hat is just such a beauty and high quality -only problem is that her hat is way cooler than mine! It is beyond. In fact, I would want all these pieces for my self. 
Mr C had a relaxed day at the beach too: jumping and running and getting his pants completely soaked in sand and water. Messy kids indeed are happy kids. Gotta love it. Sydney, you shine! 

Miss W is wearing Feather drum felt floppy hat