Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Nico Nico is the first big love I had for organic children's clothing and I will say they inspired the idea of a blog supporting organic and ethical clothing. For how could it be that I had never heard about the most incredible organic cotton I had ever felt? Brands like these are absolute treasures and I felt that they deserved a hub that focus mainly on featuring their amazing quality clothing. 
Nico Nico AW14 Small trades, features jumpsuits and leggings, knits and twill, and beautiful colours: I am in love with the colour cadet this season, and their denim is flawless. 
Their colour schemes always appeal to me, their fabrics are beyond incredible and the talent of the designer Sue Tsai is so evident: These pieces should be made in adult sizes: I am sure it would be an immense success: Absolute perfection. You can read more about Nico Nico HERE::
You can be sure when you purchase Nico Nico, that you have just invested in something you can proudly hand down for generations to come. Long lasting quality fabrics made in LA USA. 

I have featured Nico Nico several times on my blog, See HERE::
To purchase NICO NICO HERE:::

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