Monday, 22 September 2014


Sometimes brands you love, make things you might not immediately fall in love with, or that you might not be able to see your own kids wearing until you see someone elses kid wearing it and then you realise your worries was unfounded and you need it: But then sometimes its too late. With Bobo Choses AW14 I felt that a lot of my favourite pieces were a bit.. mature, and I couldn't really picture dressing Miss W in them... I missed out on a few brilliant pieces that I am sad I missed out on because of thinking this way.
With this coat I knew immediately that we needed it, but I was unsure how to style this with my little miss, who is after all, just 2 years old. I felt that maybe it would be better of on someone in the 4-8 age group. But I was wrong: This coat is perfect from ages 2 and up. It is a fluffy piece of wonderfluff. It is incredibly soft, has little pockets for little treasures and it is a princess worthy. This coat means business: A future classic without a doubt. In a few years time, this coat will be traded on eBay for double its current price. 
Bobo Choses AW14 simply screams the era of Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, Femme fatale Nico and everything fabulous from the 70's. (Which I swear was the era I was meant to be a teen, only faith happened to get mistaken and so I arrived in the early 80's instead) 
But all that said, I am totally getting a Game of Thrones tiny little wildling girl vibes from the stick-as-sword pictures.

I loved putting my little miss in this coat and take her out on an adventure. And she... She loved the light little tickles in the face as much as the attention she was getting on every corner.  

Miss W is wearing 
Led Zeppelin Tee and Light blue denim shirt. 

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  1. Yes to it all!! Wonderfluff is the perfect description! Your photos are stunning!! Well done friend!! xxx