Thursday, 11 September 2014



Oh it is so hard to let go of the baby stages and realise your little munchkins are growing up so so fast, but at the same time, it is so wonderful to see the little personalities become more and more visible. I love this journey of motherhood: it is an emotional rollercoaster at times, but the most wonderful gift in the world. 2 years ago this little super girl was born and I am forever in love. She is a little wonderchild. So full of talents and joy, so curious and talkative, she is so tough, so brave, so very feisty and sometimes a bit furious, and to say that she is so much fun in an understatement. She is incredible! 
I loved to dress her up for her tiny little birthday shoot, completely dressed in clothes from Baby, Go Green, Texas USA (No worries, they offer world wide shipping). A store that truly specialise in organic and ethical clothing is a store we know to love. You can read more about Debra and her wonderful store here :::  Trust me, it is worth the read! 
You can also find them on instagram @babygogreen

We put on our clothes and went out to explore and have a picnic. Last year we went to a cafe, just her and I, and today a little picnic. I love having her to myself for some part of her birthday. After all, their birthdays are actually my birth days... 
Happy 2'nd birthday, beautiful little one. 

We love you to the moon and back and around the rainbow.  

The birthday girl is wearing the stunning
and Bobo choses socks and Salt water sandals// 
Everything from 

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