Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Cabbages & Kings NY make incredible accessories made from alpaca wool, sourced from and knitted in Peru and Bolivia. I adore people who want to make a difference for the better in this beautiful world of ours and Alexandra Gizela is one of those people. With her beautiful brand she is consciously aiming to give you the best quality alpaca wool products and at the same time, do good.
Cabbages & Kings NY are big advocates for the preservation of indigenous cultures, their work and their way of life. As big supporters of fair trade work all their artisans earn a living vage and every purchase contributes to this cause.
Their products are not only hand made, beautiful and soft, they are whimsical, unique and high quality. The fact that they at the same time support artisans who reside in the Andean valleys of Peru and Bolivia, makes these pieces heirlooms you can pass on for generations to come and love like the treasures they are. 

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