Sunday, 28 September 2014



I am Keira originally from NYC, a real New Yorker born on the upper east side, and raised partially in Yonkers and the Bronx. Many travels and culinary adventures later led me to beautiful upstate NY where I raise my little man MR P.

When P was still in my belly I spent all my nervous sleepless nights researching organic clothing, as that has always been part of what I wanted to give my baby. I felt very strongly about what kinds of fabrics he would be wearing, as well as where the garments were produced. I also knew that it was more important for him to have a few special pieces that were thoughtfully made than many items not made with the same care and special attention. I was also never happy with the selection of little boys clothing. In general I never identified with the traditional ideas that bright primary colors are for boys, and light pastels are for girls. As well as boys can only wear basketball themed clothing and the like.

I have always been interested in fashion, since very little really. My mother was a fashion model and actress in the 70's and remember her taking me to her shows. I would sit backstage and watch all the buzz, hair, makeup, all so exciting! She had THE  BEST wardrobe and as a teen I would "borrow" her clothing, and jewelry! Vogue and Harpers Bazar were always on the coffee table!

Hope you enjoy following MR P and I on our little fashion adventures, showcasing the very best in children's clothing, and the occasional Lego Battle Droid!  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hi Kierra,

    Its so nice to meet you and your son. I like your blog. I love using blogging to meet other cool mamas,especially ones who enjoy fashion as much as I do. I'm on the opposite coast (LA)

    xoxo Oni

  2. Thank you for the kind words Oni!! I lived in Cali for a spell as a teen with my family!! Then also lived in SF!! Love the left coast! :) yes P and I love fashion so much ...will check your blog out!