Sunday, 28 September 2014



I am Keira originally from NYC, a real New Yorker born on the upper east side, and raised partially in Yonkers and the Bronx. Many travels and culinary adventures later led me to beautiful upstate NY where I raise my little man MR P.

When P was still in my belly I spent all my nervous sleepless nights researching organic clothing, as that has always been part of what I wanted to give my baby. I felt very strongly about what kinds of fabrics he would be wearing, as well as where the garments were produced. I also knew that it was more important for him to have a few special pieces that were thoughtfully made than many items not made with the same care and special attention. I was also never happy with the selection of little boys clothing. In general I never identified with the traditional ideas that bright primary colors are for boys, and light pastels are for girls. As well as boys can only wear basketball themed clothing and the like.

I have always been interested in fashion, since very little really. My mother was a fashion model and actress in the 70's and remember her taking me to her shows. I would sit backstage and watch all the buzz, hair, makeup, all so exciting! She had THE  BEST wardrobe and as a teen I would "borrow" her clothing, and jewelry! Vogue and Harpers Bazar were always on the coffee table!

Hope you enjoy following MR P and I on our little fashion adventures, showcasing the very best in children's clothing, and the occasional Lego Battle Droid!  Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Cabbages & Kings NY make incredible accessories made from alpaca wool, sourced from and knitted in Peru and Bolivia. I adore people who want to make a difference for the better in this beautiful world of ours and Alexandra Gizela is one of those people. With her beautiful brand she is consciously aiming to give you the best quality alpaca wool products and at the same time, do good.
Cabbages & Kings NY are big advocates for the preservation of indigenous cultures, their work and their way of life. As big supporters of fair trade work all their artisans earn a living vage and every purchase contributes to this cause.
Their products are not only hand made, beautiful and soft, they are whimsical, unique and high quality. The fact that they at the same time support artisans who reside in the Andean valleys of Peru and Bolivia, makes these pieces heirlooms you can pass on for generations to come and love like the treasures they are. 

To read more about 
and to purchase go visit::

Monday, 22 September 2014


Sometimes brands you love, make things you might not immediately fall in love with, or that you might not be able to see your own kids wearing until you see someone elses kid wearing it and then you realise your worries was unfounded and you need it: But then sometimes its too late. With Bobo Choses AW14 I felt that a lot of my favourite pieces were a bit.. mature, and I couldn't really picture dressing Miss W in them... I missed out on a few brilliant pieces that I am sad I missed out on because of thinking this way.
With this coat I knew immediately that we needed it, but I was unsure how to style this with my little miss, who is after all, just 2 years old. I felt that maybe it would be better of on someone in the 4-8 age group. But I was wrong: This coat is perfect from ages 2 and up. It is a fluffy piece of wonderfluff. It is incredibly soft, has little pockets for little treasures and it is a princess worthy. This coat means business: A future classic without a doubt. In a few years time, this coat will be traded on eBay for double its current price. 
Bobo Choses AW14 simply screams the era of Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, Femme fatale Nico and everything fabulous from the 70's. (Which I swear was the era I was meant to be a teen, only faith happened to get mistaken and so I arrived in the early 80's instead) 
But all that said, I am totally getting a Game of Thrones tiny little wildling girl vibes from the stick-as-sword pictures.

I loved putting my little miss in this coat and take her out on an adventure. And she... She loved the light little tickles in the face as much as the attention she was getting on every corner.  

Miss W is wearing 
Led Zeppelin Tee and Light blue denim shirt. 

Friday, 19 September 2014


I cannot believe we are moving, and that we are moving as far as we are: so I realise we just did a little shoot by the river, but we had to go back: this is one of the places I will miss the most when moving. If you are ever going to Sydney, and specially the inner west, feel free to ask me where to go: there are some treasures here for sure. (And on the topic of moving, please hold your fingers crossed for the best of luck for us finding a new and lovely home this weekend. We might need it!!)

Ok, then over to this other thing I wanted to share with you: KID + KIND!
I found Kid + Kind a couple of months back and immediately loved the whole brand. Jackie, the lady behind is the sweetest ever, she uses organic materials where possible and she makes the sweetest prints!!! Absolutely adore this friendly brand: And I love witnessing her success! Her immense growth of followers on instagram ( @kidandkind ) is nothing short of incredible. Follow and you will see! I have been meaning to feature these beautiful pieces for what seems like forever, but I have had the worst luck with cooperation from the kids : Until today! Today everything went as well as it can with two kids under 4. So here we are: from our favourite place by the river, wearing our beautiful Kid+Kind pieces, and enjoying some popcorn on the bridge. An absolute stunner of a day.
I sure will miss this town.....

Miss W is wearing Kid + Kind Panda Pullover (sz 8)

Mr C is wearing Kid + Kind Allo lemon Tee (sz 6)

And SpongeBob is wearing his SquarePants. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Nico Nico is the first big love I had for organic children's clothing and I will say they inspired the idea of a blog supporting organic and ethical clothing. For how could it be that I had never heard about the most incredible organic cotton I had ever felt? Brands like these are absolute treasures and I felt that they deserved a hub that focus mainly on featuring their amazing quality clothing. 
Nico Nico AW14 Small trades, features jumpsuits and leggings, knits and twill, and beautiful colours: I am in love with the colour cadet this season, and their denim is flawless. 
Their colour schemes always appeal to me, their fabrics are beyond incredible and the talent of the designer Sue Tsai is so evident: These pieces should be made in adult sizes: I am sure it would be an immense success: Absolute perfection. You can read more about Nico Nico HERE::
You can be sure when you purchase Nico Nico, that you have just invested in something you can proudly hand down for generations to come. Long lasting quality fabrics made in LA USA. 

I have featured Nico Nico several times on my blog, See HERE::
To purchase NICO NICO HERE:::

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


These are the last days of chilly days in Sydney: It will just be a few more and then summer is here and beachlife and swimmers is ON! The whole city smells of jasmine's in bloom and the sun is already so very warm. I love that the AW and SS collections come midways through a season, so that we can all enjoy the season we want/need at the same time. Too early for AW in europe just yet, but perfect timing over here. This puts Australian fashion bloggers in an advantage  as we can portray how these pieces will look once the season do approach our beloved Europe. (for, most of the fashion is from the northern hemisphere although, there is some INCREDIBLE Aussie brands too that I always love sharing with you. Their summer line drops while its too cold here and still summer in europe: you should so keep this in mind if you are in the northern hemisphere :)) 

I don't know about you, but I get these visions of what would be a really cool outfit and then I just need to go with it. It all started with this nothing-short-of-incredible alpaca wool sweater from OEUF NYC AW14: it is TRES COOL and I completely fell in love with it when I saw it in @fourmonkeysandk 's beautiful store. If you don't know Kinga and her amazing store, you need to get on this button right here, right now and follow her on instagram: She has the most fabulous gallery! @fourmonkeysandk. 
Upon seeing this sweater  I immediately knew I needed this skirt to go with, which is odd because I had passed on getting it previously, but now I needed it. After a massive struggle, we finally ended up with this bobo choses echo multi skirt in our hands (the story is on my instagram under the picture of this very skirt :) Then I remembered seeing these old soles kicks and I had to have them: And today my vision was complete and I have to say this might just be one of my favourite outfits on miss W: EVER! The shoes are a little too large, but I mean.. just love them! 
So there you go: for the love of a sweater. 

Miss W is wearing OEUF NYC tres cool sweater from four monkeys,