Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hello and welcome to

I have long been meaning to post a little bit about us and our blog, and as is better late than never, here we go.
My name is Karianne (almost 32)
I am a norwegian former art student/activist turned stay at home mom in Sydney/Australia.
(Sometimes I do wonder how that happened, but I am happy it did as this life suits me wonderfully. (thanks to a bucket load of coffee and a very patient husband))
I began blogging because I really missed s h a r i n g my kids, the two little rascals that are the stars of the show; Mr C (almost 4) and Miss W (almost 2) with my friends and family back home, so I started to have a place to share our adventures and passion for fashion. My family and friends are all on the other side of the planet and never really part of anything we do in our day to day adventures. My mom visited once before Miss W came to be, My dad visited for the first time earlier this year (2014) and the rest of the loved ones haven't met our amazing little people yet. (I haven't been back home since I got here in August 2010 (insert monkey hiding emoji)

I have always loved to dress my kids in clothes that reflect our personalities and therefor I have never dressed my kids in cars, stripes, soccer, teddybears and butterfly prints. (Unless its done in a very unexpected way!) I began my search for cool and comfortable threads for Baby C in early 2011, and a whole new world opened up for me: I learned about children's labels like mini rodini, munsterkids etc. Brands that were either fairly made or organic (or both) and really really cool.  I loved that he wasn't wearing exactly what all the other kids was wearing. (At the time, all the little boys seemed to be in stripes of white with grey, navy or red. Sigh.)
Then after buying my little baby girl some organic pieces of clothing on a sale (where I got some beautiful Little Wings pieces for next to nothing), upon feeling that amazing quality and softness, I began looking at clothing purchases differently: Instead of buying lots of items, we would be buying very few: But really good pieces that we would use over and over and over, and only handwash to keep the items looking amazing thus lasting longer. Then I discovered the term "friendly made" and it rang well with me. I was an activist and very politically active before becoming a mom, and I found my activist flame sort of burned out a little upon motherhood. Not because I didn't care anymore, but because my empathy and sorrows got amplified to the point where I would probably have gotten postpartum depression if I continued. (it is not a closed chapter for me, its just on hold) But upon discovering the world of organic and fairly made clothing, the activist in me woke back up. Sustainability and fairness is a major effort that some brands make because they truly do care about the children who will be wearing their garments and about the environment. Their production costs more but their result has not cost the people making their garments nor the planet an unfair price. And I genuinely think this is the future.
This is why my blogs main focus is ethically produced clothing, small business and in many cases organic and recycled materials.

I share pictures from our daily life on my instagram account @freeandwildchild
And I am beyond grateful for all the support we are getting, and thankful for every follower and comment we get, as it is a fabulous way to support our blog and what we are doing, and keep track of amazing children's fashion at the same time. If you want to know even more about us: there is at least 2 previous "20 facts posts" hidden on our instagram... :)

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Thank you for your time, love and support

Kindest regards 
Karianne Pettersen

Disclaimer: In some cases of the things I blog about I don't know the origin of the production process: it is sadly impossible to always be completely accurate. If I am unsure about the production I will not label it organic & friendly or Ethical.
If it is not in those labels, it means i just don't know. 


  1. Beautiful family! Gorgeous blog too!! xxx

  2. I totally agree with you about your empathy receptors turning up so high, postpartum, that you have to put on blinders sometimes. I'm glad you found a way to express your natural inclinations toward activism through your purchases. It was very nice to read your bio and I'm very glad I found your blog!