Sunday, 10 August 2014


After having been sick for what seems like forever, we decided to go for a walk in this beautiful Sydney Springtime weather yesterday. It was incredible getting outside: the air is filled with jasmine and other flowers in bloom these days and it is simply the most fantastic of seasons.
We put on our AWESOME Quinn + Fox AW14 Bandit bear trackies and Messy Hair Don't Care raglan from the super cute Australian store A little Bit of Cheek (They carry a great stock and have international delivery. Check their website for details) and brand new ZUZII oxfords (banana colour), and went to play with a red balloon in the park. I have to say that Quinn + Fox current season might just be one of my favourite collections this season. The colours are great, the prints are cute and artsy, and their organic fabrics are so so soft: I urge you to buy a sweater or pair of trackies if you don't own any: They truly are softer than butter! Link to check out and buy HERE::
The ZUZII oxfords are incredibly soft: made by hand in LA and made to be worn sock free, which is always a hit with me: I love sock free.

The boy is visiting his nana this whole weekend so its just the 3 of us and the house is sooo so quiet! We miss him so, and are thankful to get him back over the weekend!

The red balloon makes me think of Ryan, @babyboybakery .
I say this because 1) It does and 2) because I wan't his mama to know people will remember her beautiful little boy. I believe that for the rest of my life, I will think of Ryan when I see a red balloon. And its a beautiful thought.


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