Thursday, 28 August 2014


Danish Pierrot La Lune AW14 has the prettiest campaign this year: the look book is filled with amazing photography that showcases their beautiful timeless collection so well. The light is dim, the mood is beautiful and the clothes are stunning. It feels like your being taken back to the time your parents were not yet born, and life was less hectic and the air was much cleaner than it is today. I feel that I can with certainty say that most scandinavians will love these timeless pieces and the place they take us: Growing up in the northern parts of this world, natural materials and products are a mere core as they have always been in abundance, and we are taught from early on to treasure our heritage and our history. Wool, wood, leather and cotton are natural materials that most of us will often lean towards, as it is just what we were taught to appreciate. It is quite amazing to witness how the scandinavian way of life is getting more and more popular around the world: and with right: it is a fabulous way of life too.
The fact that you have amazing designers like Emilie Ventujol who care about treasuring the past as well as the future, is, in fact, the future, as sustainability in production will become more and more important in preserving our beautiful world. 

All these pieces are made in organic cotton or pure alpaca wool knitted by Bolivian women who work under fair trade conditions. Care has been taken to make sure these items are sustainable, comfortable and timeless. To read more about Pierrot La Lune's sustainable cotton and production, click HERE::: 
Or simply enjoy these amazing photographs that is the Pierrot La Lune AW14 campaign.

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Danish Pierrot la Lune was established in 2013 by designer Emilie Ventujol as the realization of a lifelong dream of creating timeless and sophisticated yet playful and informal childrenswear. The Pierrot la Lune look has a touch of nostalgia; a dreamy and magical aesthetic referring to old movies and faded photos from a childhood in southern Europe in the 50s and 60s. The cuts are simple and wearable, the colours are subdued, and the classic stripes and beautiful floral prints bare resemblance of faded wallpapers or quilts from grandma’s attic.
Emilie Ventujol’s family background has also contributed to her design skills and aesthetic development. Her grandfather was one of the biggest names in Danish design history, the furniture designer Børge Mogensen (1914-1972), and her grandmother sparked her interest in drawing and sewing. Her grandfather’s influence is also apparent in Emilie Ventujol’s design philosophy and clear vision for Pierrot la Lune to produce timeless children’s fashion of high quality, but at reasonable prices.

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