Wednesday, 20 August 2014


One of my favourite things about instagram is just surfing from picture to picture and end up somewhere unfamiliar and find something amazing.
I remember exactly where I found @mimobee. Another label had gotten one of their amazing fleece drape jackets for their daughter and it looked so fab I just had to see where it was from:
When I then learned that mimobee is not only made in the USA but helps create work for locals in south california, which in turn supports the local community, I knew this was love. 
Their finished product is so soft, so comfy and so chic (and I really want to say that even though I styled it a bit hip hop, it doesn't have to be. Check out their instagram for inspiration and versatility)  
I simply love that their basics have an edge, a new and fresh cut, raw hems and basic colours. 
Mr C was running around with his head held extra high today. Maybe that was because there was a large praying mantis on his cap for 2,5 hours, but I think equally it was the softest mimobee big pleat pants and the ultra soft mimobee tail back tee that made him feel ~and act~ as cool as only he can.
(And yes! The mantis was just chilling on his hat while seeing the world through the level of a 3,5 year old jumping and running ball of energy) 



To purchase mimobee, go HERE:: 
To check out their lookbook, go HERE ::
Mr C is wearing mimobee big pleat pantstail back tee
adidas superstars, loud apparel cap, totoro backpack and Manny the Mantis.

We believe in being US Made, now and always. We believe in a quality product, and an honest day's work. By hiring locally, we are able to support our team members, who then support their family, which then supports the larger community. That’s a beautiful cycle. There’s a degree of pride that we take in crafting our garments here in southern California. We also use great fabrics, using primarily 100% cotton jerseys and fleeces with great finishes, and a feel that is super soft for your child. Each of our garments goes through a 8-step process from beginning to end, ending in a product that we are proud to stand behind. At the end of the day, we feel good about being not just a fashion brand with a great product, but also community members that make our corner of the world a little better.
As a company backed by 30 years of fashion industry experience, Mimobee brings you our vision of clothing for the child--simple, designed, comfortable--a stylish basic that your child will go back to again and again.

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